Should firms introduce flexibility to every job?

Is that even possible?

How many people have quit or thought of quitting their jobs due to inflexibility of working hours from their employer?  The numbers may surprise you!

Your employee may be hardworking and love their job but found that juggling child or care commitments or just life in general hard work.  
That is exactly what MP Helen Whately did when her employer refused to be flexible with her working hours.  She quit her job.

Ten minute rule bill

MP Helen Whately’s ten-minute rule bill was given approval for a second hearing on Wednesday this week.  Without government backing, such issues are unlikely to become law.
In reality, this type of working would help businesses to retain loyal staff, creating a more diverse workforce where perhaps people had refrained from taking a job purely due to the lack of flexible it posed.
Ms Whately commented “Howmany more employers would find that actually it didn’t make a difference where or when a piece of work was done, as long as it was done?” 
Today’s technology and web /self-service software combined with the ability to work from anywhere has meant that companies can offer flexibility to the workforce and in some cases has been able to offer customers more choice in terms of being available beyond the normal 9-5 pm.
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Time has moved on since the single-earner households and most family units share responsibilities.  Perhaps as Ms Whately commented it may even help to close the gender pay gap.
You can read more of this current story here and via BBC here

Embridge is proud to support flexibility in the workplace alongside the Disability Confident framework that is designed to help recruit and retain disabledpeople and people with health conditions for their skills and talent.

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