Telling a story with bite-sized learning

Using stories in learning is a powerful technique, add them to your bite-sized learning to really make a memorable course.

Emotional Connection

Stories help you connect emotionally with your learners. Emotional connections mean we are more likely to remember. We want learners to recall the learning so they can put it into practice. Using a story in a bite-sized piece of learning can open up a whole new engagement with your content. A story can hook your learner into your content and aid their relation to the topic.

A picture paints a thousand words

When creating bite sized pieces of content, you want to reduce text. Video and images help you get across a message without a lengthy explanation. Micro learning lends itself to a visual way of imparting information especially the use of video. Videos work well in bite sized chunks and are a great way of using a story format. Great visuals will increase the retention of the learning.


Coming back for more

Use an ongoing story thread to run through your micro learning content. Showing my age here but do you remember the Nescafe Gold Blend adverts of the 80s. You remember the adverts and look out for the next installment. Why not use the same technique for micro learning? Finish each bite sized piece with a cliff hanger in the story so learners look out for the next piece. As you gradually unfold your story through each bite sized course your learners build the bigger picture because of the thread running through your content.

Encourage participation

Get your learners involved by asking them to choose the outcome to the story. Foster real engagement in your learning by asking learners to choose an ending to a bite-sized course that will be your basis for the next installment.

Inspire to investigate further

Use your micro learning to engage your learners interest in a subject. Rather like a film trailer gives high lights of the film use your micro learning to foster interest to other more detailed content. Your nugget of learning could contain the story highlights and point learners to where they can find more information.

Clear and concise

Keep your bite sized courses simple and easy to follow. You can use familiar situations to avoid lengthy introductions. Or base your content on stories that we all know, how about a fairy story with a twist; Little Red Riding Hood delivers a parcel encountering modern-day ‘wolves’ along the way. For more elearning development advice and if this blog has inspired you to develop some captivating elearning get in contact with us to discuss your vision

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