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Developing Unit4 Business World (Agresso) so it’s 100% right for you
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Embridge is able to utilise the platform: Agresso Customisation Tool to develop a customisations that are 100% right for you and your Business World environment.  This means that any developments we make that will help you, are also supported by Unit4 and can be maintained to work with the latest version of Unit4 Business World.

Typical enhancements

Amending screens – there are times when your team may want to see certain things, or not – our developers can create new screen layouts and/or change existing ones to exactly as you want them
New server processes – or changes to existing ones
Allow Unit4 Business World (Agresso) to interact with 3rd party/legacy systems
Mobile solutions / external hardware – as long as there is connectivity – our developers can enhance the user experience by creating additional ‘gadgets’ and apps that can help your business.

Developing Agresso

The Embridge development team uses the standard ‘Agresso Customisation Tool’ (ACT). This platform allows us to apply changes on the top of existing screens or processes. The existing business process and validation are always used allowing the solution to rely on the existing Agresso processing capabilities. Development doesn’t mean changing the CORE product or changing its standard functionalities. It is an extra layer of customization where extra options can be made on the top of the existing product.
We bridge the gap between your business processes and requirements and the standard software options available to you. We allow the system to work harder for you so that your business can thrive from the investment made and reap the benefits of a bespoke solution.

Agresso Customisation Tool (ACT) FAQ’s

Is it expensive? I always heard development costs a lot of money…
Not always! Bespoke customisation can be as inexpensive as developing a report -it all depends on the complexity of what is asked. If the customized solution is a simple validation of a field or screen; for example making a field read-only, in specific situations, it could take just 4 hours of consultancy.
Is it safe to develop the software?
Because we use ACT – the developer is not allowed to change the core product since it only has access to what the platform delivers. Even when creating new screens there is a set of rules they have to follow. Above all, the solution can always be “turned off”, having the screen or process working as standard like before. Did you know that a new server process done in ACT is more secure and reliable then a set of AG16 queries?
Will it still be reliable?
The ACT platform is maintained and supported by Unit4 Business World (Agresso). If an environment that has been developed further gets upgraded, the platform gets upgraded as well. Unit4 is responsible to support and maintain the platform across versions and the Embridge team is responsible to make sure the solutions work in the customer’s environment. If anything changes in the platform, Unit4 supports Embridge development team in applying the needed changes in the code itself.
Can it be changed/topped up or upgraded?
Solutions can be combined, i.e more than one customization can be applied in the same screen in different periods in time, in the same way a solution can combined the same logic to several screen or processes.
Who deliver the support?
Unit4 is responsible to maintain the platform and provide the developers training and resources so they can be up-to-date with the platform. If something is wrong with a solution as result of a problem in the platform, Unit4 is responsible to fix that. Embridge is responsible to support the solution for customers, the same way it does now with an Implementation or a set of ARC or Excelerator reports. As soon the development solution is fit-for-purpose, repairs in bugs or malfunctions will be supported.
Can I turn it off if I want?
Development solutions are uploaded and added in the Unit4 system via the ACT setup screen. In this screen, the solution can be turned-off or even unloaded if needed. For example; imagine a scenario where a solution was deployed to force a user to populate a specific field with a value preventing the form to be saved blank. If the System Admin wants to park this solution, they can set the status to “Closed” and the same screen will work using the standard Agresso behaviour, re-activating it later when all the users know what to populate.
How is the solution delivered?
All the solutions are delivered with proper documentation for Installation/Configuration but also with End User guides. The objective is to document and inform all the intervenient in the process, being them a System Admin, an Agresso Consultant or an end-user.
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