Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Reporting Training

Provide your staff with the skills and knowledge they need to develop reports with our Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Reporting Training course.

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Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Reporting Courses

Embridge has a team of expert trainers with considerable experience and success in delivering a range of reporting training courses to enable users to get the best from their Unit4 Business World (Agresso) implementation. We offer training on-site that relates specifically to your system build using data you are familiar with. Public courses using our standard training environment which can cater for organisations who only need a couple of people trained are available on request. Our Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Reporting courses cover:

Want to inspire your finance users?  Are your HR team frustrated at the time it takes to get their monthly reports out?  We get users writing their own reports within minutes of the start of the course. We cover all the basic functionality, but also include some key “advanced” features which are only covered by others in advanced courses. This course is designed to inspire, excite and educate users who then feel empowered to write their own reports and take ownership of their data.  Excelerator is a fantastic reporting tool and once users grasp the potential, their daily, weekly and monthly tasks can be automated with huge efficiency. 2 day course

This course is really designed for system administrators who need to publish reports for wider distribution to users.  This is done by publishing server-based reports and covers report splitting to multiple users, emailing and document archive.  We look at some of the advanced report engine parameters and deal with some of the little gems in the product.  Some SQL knowledge is desirable. 1 day course

This course complements the Excelerator course in introducing SQL writing to beginners who wish to use a bit more functionality from the product.  Written and delivered sensitively by a trainer who is not “technical”, it is designed to train users to write simple SQL statements and to understand how this can be used (mainly in Excelerator report writing). We firmly believe that this course won’t be too technical for most, and will open up the possibilities without fear !!  It covers the SQL statement structure, of SELECT, FROM, WHERE and ORDER BY, and will aim to cover the basics of table joins. If delivered to your organisation as an in-house course, we can set the pace for your users and depending on the delegates, we may also cover more advanced functionality later in the day. 1 day course
Balance tables are aggregations of transactions for the purposes of efficient reporting.  Organisations may wish to create balance tables using custom fields and different amount types.  This course will introduce the behind the scenes functionality behind these, and train users how to build and customise balance tables for use within their specific organisation.  This will cover the basic build, amending the SQL and introduction of customised fields and amount types, use of data warehousing (periodic balance tables) and a brief look at database views.  SQL knowledge is desirable. 1 day course

This course will educate users in all things “enquiry”. Starting with a simple enquiry, we cover use of wildcard search facilities, then move to the advanced (setup) enquiry; train users on customising how their enquiries look, use of search parameters, and saving enquiries.  We then move to the flexible “browser” enquiries covering search, conditional formatting, custom formulae, adding relations, trees and flexifields and adding subtotals, colours and some presentational tips.  This will empower users to understand how best to extract information and how global enquiries can be published to the user base in the most effective presentational format. 1 day course

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