Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate conference centre

Unit4 Customer Conference 2018

With the biggest event in the Unit4’s UK calendar, the Unit4 Business World Customer Conference kicked off it’s 2- day event with gusto last Wednesday in the beautiful city of Harrogate, to bright sunshine and a balmy temperature of 21 degrees!!

With sponsors and partners alike, chomping at the bit and ready to take on a slice of the action as the doors opened to the hungry crowd of delegates, the Embridge Consulting team prepared itself for its 3rd customer conference, entitled ‘Creating Space’.

automating the boring stuff, to create space and time for the more important exciting stuff

With a clear vision on how to make the biggest impact and welcome old and new faces to the 2018 conference, this year we opted for a double stand with plenty of colour, interest, resting perches, a goodies/merchandise tuck shop, an exclusive mobile phone charging station and of course our well established mini am phi theatre, where we were to host a plethora of taster sessions, showcasing our most exciting services, completely free of charge.

Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge stand
Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge stand charging station
Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge stand taster sessions

With all Business World delegates receiving an Embridge Consulting lucky dip voucher inside our dedicated Conference brochure on arrival, it didn’t take them long to sniff us out and claim their prize. In fact, to say we were mobbed would be an understatement and the swelling baying crowds at our stand soon attracted even more interest.

Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge stand goodies bags
Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge stand goodies bags lucky dip
Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge stand goodies
Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge conference app

This year we launched our very first gaming App especially for the conference, Flying Embridge.

Pesky, infuriatingly addictive, and darn right tricky, it didn’t stop you gamers from giving it a fair shot and it’s creator, Tiago Bruno was looking particularly smug by the end of day 2 having caused such a ripple of competitiveness amongst you players!

Our dedicated Smart Solutions workshops attracted a great deal of interest with delegates and we are super proud to be leading the way with our ever- growing catalogue of innovative cost- effective solutions which continue to surprise and delight users across the board.

Showcasing our unique Managed ERP service at the conference continues to be our hidden gem when it comes to providing ongoing support. With a dedicated team of experts on hand to help with whatever you throw at them, alongside transparent costs, we absolutely love shouting from the rooftops when it comes to this service. No problem is too big for the Embridge Managed ERP team!

Of course, not forgetting there was loads of Unit4 Business World action going on across both days, with opening speeches, workshops and sessions pulling in the crowds and divulging the latest news. We will be back over the coming days to share our findings and thoughts on all that is exciting and new within the Business World.

Unit4 Customer Conference 2018 Harrogate embridge opening speech

In the meantime, we would like to thank all those that took the time to come and visit the Embridge Consulting stand. We hope you enjoyed the taster sessions, goodie bags and meeting the team.

We will be announcing the winner of our prize draw (all those that filled out a contact sheet or played the Embridge Flying app are in with a chance of winning a coszy night away for 2 in one of England’s National Parks), and not forgetting all those Embridge Flying gamers – highest scorer will be announced this week! The lucky winner will receive a Belkin wireless charging pad!

Didn’t get a chance to come and see us? Check out our services here and see if you can’t be tempted to come and join our chain gang!

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