Our ERP development consultancy team has a proven track record of successfully designing and implementing affordable custom solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. Designed, Developed, Delivered.

No matter the challenge, our Agresso Customisation Tool (ACT) accredited experts can deliver customisations that allow you to drive value through: personalised UI; creation of new functionality; reporting or integration enhancements; business process automation and functional integrations.

As well as our bespoke development consultancy service, we offer a range of Smart Solutions.  They will enable you to benefit from pre-configured customisations designed to address minor, but strategic, issues in your organisation. Our Smart Solutions offer great results, cost certainty and accelerated time to value across a range of customisation categories. 

Unit4 elite partner 2021

Embridge Consulting is a Unit4 elite partner and Unit4 trusted technology and innovation partner.


The 3 C’s of Development!


The myth that development services can be expensive and complex.


Development doesn’t need to be part of a bigger project.


Customers that standalone development consultancy can tackle an issue head-on

The 3 C’s of Development!

Most great ideas come from customers, they drive innovation and development.  Without the customer wanting to solve an issue, or asking “can your solution do this?”  Many new initiatives would never come to be designed. So how can we help?

Discuss development ideas

We’re offering you the opportunity to discuss areas you want to consider for development; enhancing user interfaces, extending functionality; automating a process or integrating a 3rd party solution.

Identify possible solutions

We will discuss your issue and help you understand what the potential solution(s) may look like, an estimate of the time and cost of a possible solution(s) and what role we can play to resolve your issue.

Create the right path

As a technical team, we have solved many problems for our clients, from simple fixes through to complex projects, some taking a few hours and some spanning a few months.  However all these innovations have one thing in common; they solve an issue for our clients that results in saving time, saving money or driving efficiences.

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