Unit4 ERP Remote Consultancy Service

Providing skilled resource to answer those ad-hoc questions that can arise and an answer is needed!
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Our Unit4 ERP (Agresso Business World) Remote Consultancy Service provides skilled resource to answer those ad-hoc questions that can arise in several different situations. This service is part of our Level 2 post live support and offers a cost-effective solution and delivery in a time efficient manner.

Access to Experts

Provision of experienced consultants for functionality fixes, issues and minor report changes.

Unit4 Business World Support

Three levels of support including triage service and liaising with software vendor.

Performance stats provided to management including recommendations for future training.

You might find yourself in one of the following situations where remote consultancy would be the solution your looking for:

You may need to make some changes to reports and lack the skills to do this
A query arises where your in-house support team doesn’t have the answer
Are you looking for off-site testing of patches and new functionality?
Your query doesn’t require a full day or half day consultancy visit, but can be resolved through a phone call
You need a quick turn around on a query and can’t wait for an on-site consultancy visit
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Our team are always ready to take your call and chat through any questions you have. Email here, or call on 01474 338735

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