Embridge Consulting is defined by their passion and reputation to deliver on their promises and has set out to push the boundaries from your stereotypical service offering to one that encourages innovation, new technology and transitional change.

Recently Embridge Consulting were invited to the Unit4 Partner event, which aside from the networking opportunities to meet the Unit4 team, other key partners and the chance to understand the future roadmap for the Unit4 Business World Solution, was certainly a major draw.


Embridge consulting UK ltd unit4 partner event stand

Each partner delivered a 10 minute presentation to their chosen business sectors, outlining the key unique selling points that make them different. It was a little difficult to cram everything into 10 minutes, but we did!


So, I hear you ask… What is the future roadmap for Business World!

As you can imagine, some of what we heard is top secret! Not to be shared outside of those four walls. But what we can tell you is that Unit4 are keen to deliver self-driving solutions (I know you’ve already heard that!) but less costly and faster…something here at Embridge Consulting we’ve got a head start on…with our fast track Managed implementation methodology which allowed a recent client to complete a full Business World implementation in under 5 months! With a proven track record, cost saving speedy implementations are fast becoming one of our trademarks, which really does open up the possibilities for new clients moving to Unit4 Business World!


Self driving ERP

Unit4 is looking at ways to develop value accelerators, improve template solutions and deliver a whole host of development around web procurement, cloud platforms and vertical solution builds. For us, it was the opportunity to share some of the projects we are already working on, our plans for expansion and development and to identify key areas of growth.

It was a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the Sales & Marketing team at Unit4 and get our message out there, which is: to be the partner of choice for clients, associates and potential employees.

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