Upgrading to Milestone 7

Key Features for upgrading to Milestone 7 in Unit4 Business World

As some of you may be looking at upgrading to Milestone 7 in the near future, we thought we’d take a look at just a few of the features you can expect to see.


Dynamic Forms In Milestone 7

  • Data held within U4BW can default into forms
  • Form layout is dynamic, so the entry in one field can cause another field, flexi-field or flexi tab to be visible or hidden.
  • Data in the forms can generated business data, ie transaction postings or Masterfile entries

Do remember that we already offer the Forms Extension Pack (FEXP) if you are using Milestone 6 or below!  Our solution also works with MS7.


Absence App in Milestone 7

The new App will let the employees

  • Enter absences
  • Extend or close absences
  • Update medical certificates



Information Browser 2.0 in Milestone 7

Creating browser reporting on the web with the following functionality;

  • Integration with Analyzer XP
  • New report Maintenance Screen
  • Structures and statistical expressions are supported
  • More gauges and charts available

Web Document Archive improvements in Milestone 7

  • Set ‘list’ setting as default
  • Exclude logged-in user from seeing documents
  • Multiple role access to view documents
  • Documents displayed on a separate screen

Process Designer in Business World Web in Milestone 7

  • Efficiency in creation and maintenance of workflow process diagrams
  • Current workflows are automatically recognised with the screen
  • New interface has improved ‘drag- and-drop functionality
  • API endpoint for external integration
  • Actor Model pattern support
  • Adoption of Identity Services for authentication, authorization and identity information

Approval of Role Additions & Alterations in Milestone 7

A pre-populated electronic form can be used as a user request for access to roles, this form can then go into workflow, then automatically grant a user access to a role.


U4BW Financials in Milestone 7

The full financials menu is now available on the web including the following

  • Note portfolio enquiries
  • Error transactions report batch import
  • Import of Suppliers and Customers
  • Account Groups

API Message Hub in Milestone 7

A new interface (API) allowing for the exchanging of data, events and commands with other solutions

  • Messaging SDK
  • API endpoint for external integration
  • Actor Model pattern support
  • Adoption of Identity Services for authentication, authorization and identity information



U4BW Training Courses & Differences Training

We offer a range of standard courses including MS7 Differences training and if you are a MERP client, you receive a 10% discount on the cost of any U4BW courses you book with Embridge Consulting.  We also offer bespoke training courses at your own location too!

If you are interested in the Difference training offered by Embridge Consulting and would receive a *10% discount as a MERP client, or would just like more information on Upgrading to Milestone 7 please contact Enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com

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