Why should an organisation provide training for their employees?

We all know that training is an opportunity to upskill and improve the knowledge base of all employees, but many employers in the current climate find development opportunities expensive, and training is often where budget cuts are made.

So why should you push for employee development and what benefits does it bring to your business.

Investing in training makes employees feel valued

This helps to create a supportive workplace, and employees may gain access to training they wouldn’t have otherwise known about or sought out themselves.

Weaknesses in workplace skills

Most employees will have some weaknesses in workplace skills. A development program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. Research has shown that employees who receives necessary training are more able to perform in their job. This in turn provides a potential cost saving to the business as the employee will be more effective at performing their role.

Training may also give the employee a greater understanding of their responsibilities and in turn build confidence. This confidence will enhance their overall performance which can only benefit the company.

Greater job satisfaction

Employees who are given training opportunities may feel gain a higher level of job satisfaction and will ultimately improve their productivity.

Investing in Employees future

If the Employer is seen to be investing in their employee’s future, the employee will feel valued and is less likely to change employment, thus having a direct impact on the reduction of recruitment costs and an increase in staff retention.

Qualified skills pool

Having a training program across your business will help to minimise the impact when somebody is promoted or leaves the organisation. A ready skilled pool of qualified individuals to fill those gaps not only cuts the cost of hiring short term contractors but will attract high calibre candidates at the recruitment stage due to training and developing being high on the list of sought-after benefits by jobseekers.

Competitive advantage

With industry trends and innovations ever changing, having properly trained employees and a future plan for upskilling ensures the business is able to adapt better to change.
Ensuring your staff are always improving will help you stay ahead of competitors.

Embridge Consulting as your Training partner.

On-the-job learning, Mentoring, In-house training, or Individual study are all areas covered by our Blended learning approach to training and development.

Blended learning, a combination of online, virtual and classroom learning is becoming more popular and the industry has seen a definite increase in this method of training over the last decade. We believe that technological advances can cut the cost of employee training significantly by reducing the need to travel thus reducing their carbon footprint at the same time but still benefit from the interaction and collaboration that virtual training can offer.

At Embridge Consulting we can provide a blended solution tailored to your business. Contact Embridge to discuss your training needs today on 01474 555505..

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