Year-end Payroll Processing with Unit4 Business Worl-

Both Year-end and payroll processing can be complex, managing a range of factors that effect the organisation and each employee, so effective planning is an essential part of a successful Year-end Payroll.

As an experienced Payroll Administrator, ensuring everyone is paid correctly and on time is part and parcel of your monthly or weekly routine.  Both Year-end and payroll processing is complex, managing a range of factors that affect each employee, so effective planning is an essential part of a successful Year-end.

There are many Payroll courses that cover the essentials of Year-end Payroll processing covering the key factors that are required such as changes in legislation, HMRC changes, Tax allowances and bands.

As a Unit4 customer not only are these key areas that you need to be up to speed on, but you’ll also need to understand the process of setting up a New Year and updating those Payroll changes within Unit4 Business World.  Payroll is a critical part of an organisation’s core, it’s therefore key to ensure the team are up to speed and able to take advantage of the automation and technological improvements year on year that Unit4 Business World offers.

Embridge year-end payroll refresher

At Embridge Consulting we have designed two courses that will give you the essential tools and information needed to deliver your Year-end Payroll successfully.  Our 3.5 hour Year-end Payroll session is an ideal recap for those that are already experienced in Year-end processes using Unit4 Business World and will cover the following subject areas:

Completing the old Payroll year

Creation of Payroll Periods

Overview of Configuration

Earlier Year Update Overview

Functionality Changes for 2020

Updating Report Variants & Enquiry Templates

P11D Overview

PRU21 Output

Full Payment & Employer Payment Submission Overview

Updating Tax Codes/Tax Bands, Updating NI Bands & SSP Rates

New Student Loan Rates and Thresholds

Statutory Bereavement Leave & Unit4 release

If this is your first year in processing Year-end Payroll, then you may want to consider our full day training course which is designed to provide you with all the steps required to process your U4BW (Agresso) UK Payroll module from one Payroll year to the next. With focus on closing your Year-end successfully, final transmissions, reconciliation and reporting. The loading and setup of the new Payroll year and the understanding of the new Payroll year elements  including Tax, registration and compliance requirements.

For the full course schedule, click here.  The Year-end course is available both on a virtual and classroom basis and should be seen as an integral part of your annual training schedule.  We can also deliver this to your HR & Payroll team onsite at a time convenient to your organisation.

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