Young Epilepsy – Family 10k charity walk

This Sunday an organised 10k walk will be taking place in North Kent to raise awareness and funds for Young Epilepsy, the national charity supporting children and young people aged 25 and under with epilepsy and associated conditions, as well as their families. The charity’s aim it to improve the lives of children and young people with the condition and to enable them to fulfil their potential and ensure they have the best quality of life.



If you can lay your hands on any lose change lurking down the back of the sofa or that emergency fiver stashed away in an old wallet you had forgotten about, have a read of Embridge Consulting MD, Emma O’Brien’s story and consider donating your funds to a really worthy cause.

MD Emma O’Brien’s story

I have organised a 10k walk called the Purple Walk, that will take place on 24th June 2018 and is aimed at raising money & awareness for Young Epilepsy. Ben, Emma, Bonnie (12) & Daniel (9) will be joined by Aunty Rachel, Cousin Hannah and a few other friends in what we hope will be a great day.

Leo, my 5 year old son was diagnosed with Epilepsy during 2016 and we have since discovered, over the past 2 years how little support and funding is available from the NHS for a relatively common condition. As a parent of a young child that suffers from Epilepsy, charities like Young Epilepsy have been a welcome lifeline when it comes to the support they have given us over the months and continue to do so to both young people and families alike. Without them, the support is non-existent.

A cause close to my heart, I wanted to show my support by doing something fun while raising much needed cash and awareness. We have all donated to take part in Sunday’s walk, but any additional donations will of course be very much appreciated.

The difference your donation can make;
£2.50 would provide an information pack for newly diagnosed children and their families at a time of confusion and worry
£15 would fund our helpline for an hour, providing vital support to families and young people when they need it most
£25 would pay for an hour of intensive one-to-one support for a young person improving well-being and mental health
£100 would enable four young people with epilepsy to participate in a challenging group activity boosting self-esteem, confidence and resilience

Thanks in advance for your support.