Why Training Pays for Itself

Training is KEY to success, and it should always be a fundamental part of your ERP, or any XYZ software, investment.

The remarkable and amazing software you are investing in….is driven by your people.  Your company, is driven by your people, and your company is only as good as your people.  All the new software, giving people/companies new experiences and capabilities, allowing you to grow and succeed, is amazing….

But to reference Steve Jobs: that amazing steak alone is not enough, you need the sizzle to drive people to it!

Which is where Training is *KEY*.

Training is all about ONE thing: PEOPLE.

That means Training is for everyone: Project team, Super Users, End Users, StakeHolders, CEOs, etc, etc.

Here's our 10 reasons behind what training can do...

1. Creating (not selling), the sizzle, to your people. Finance/ERP/XYZ software does NOT have to be ‘boring’. In fact, is it not boring and is actually, and can be made, ‘exciting’.

2. Involving your people.


3. Up-skilling your people.

4. Empowering your people.

5. Educating your people

6. Learning *from your people* – collecting feedback for your project improvements, AND to highlight areas for your own people improvements (resistance to change), AND the champions within your people.

7. Marketing to your people. This must be done long, long before Go-Live, in stages.

8. Increasing your people’s user adoption. Showing them the benefits they will reap and the considerations.

9. Increasing your people’s capabilities for the future. New roles/responsibilities with your new ERP/XYZ software, alongside the below:


10. Ensuring your people understand your *BUSINESS PROCESSES*. This is FUNDAMENTAL. Training does not just teach software and how used, it teaches your people your (new?) *BUSINESS PROCESSES*.

There is a serious hunger/appreciate for knowledge, involvement, and understanding.  Everyday I see this. Everyday.

Training is NOT optional, it IS mandatory.  (And it is shocking that even today, this is overlooked…but it does NOT have to be).

When you roll-out your investment, Training is literally the face of that entire investment and your project/efforts/time. It is often the ONLY thing your people ever get involved in.  So, do NOT just invest in software, no matter how clear/easy/great experience it is, and will be, or AI driven….invest in your most important asset: PEOPLE.

The beauty of Training is not just to teach, involve, empower, it is literally your project. Your project is your *business processes*, not just that amazing software.  The above was (some of) the sizzle of Training. The steak of Training is that it does NOT have to be expensive, and that MUST be a KEY part of your ERP/XYZ software investment, and there are a number of ways this is (so easily) achieved:

Classroom Training – with a professional consultant.

Virtual Training – see Article image for example – with direct face-to-face and Q&A with a professional.

Videos – think Youtube. People want to learn and understand quickly now. Super Users, End Users.

E-learning – Various degrees of tell me, show me, involve me (see below)

Webinars – ADEMS (Awareness and Demos sessions) to involve your….people.

Training Manuals – (1) Reference Guides (long), (2) Quick Cards (short).

All the above MUST be regularly done at various stages of your project, as well as AFTER Go-Live, and it MUST be updated regularity with your *Business Processes*, for refreshers training, drill-down/detailed training, and onboarding your new….people.

Training ensures success.

(I also see this every day. Every day).

Don’t just take my word for it:

  • In 450BC….Confucius is reputed to have said: “Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; ***Involve Me*** and I Will Understand.”
  • Current times….11 common ERP mistakes and how to avoid them 
  • Just Google it.

This is why Training pays for itself.

*This article is for:

  • All customers/companies/end users/stakeholders/CEOs/decision makers, etc.
  • All software vendors – Your people cannot sell, promote, market, trouble-shoot, resource, etc…something they do not understand.
  • Every company / organisation that exists.

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