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Public Sector

Bringing digital transformation for the empowerment of people, and delivery of process and technology for local and central Public Sector organisations.

Public Sector

Embridge Consulting’s portfolio of services has been developed by collaborating with Public Sector organisations to understand their strategic and organisational needs. We understand the challenges you face day-to-day, and we know how to support and empower your organisation’s digital journey, as well as providing a bedrock for future digital growth.

We continually analyse our project successes and challenges. This helps us deliver multiple services and opportunities to provide an improved user experience for your people. It also means our solutions are more cost-effective and bring faster return on investment without sacrificing any added-value.

Aligning Next Generation Solutions to Your Goals

We recognise the importance of aligning the latest technology and best practice processes to your core principles and strategic objectives. By understanding how integral Public Sector organisations are to the ongoing sustainability of our towns and cities, and our people and our communities, we know your priorities will be focused on these areas. By making your administrative processes as streamlined, efficient, and effective as possible, your representatives will be able to concentrate on the central and vital work you deliver.  

Embridge Consulting Empowers Public Sector

We’re at the forefront of true technological transformation for the Public Sector. Our team of expert consultants deliver function and resilience other consultancies aren’t able to match.

We’re proud to have evolved and developed our services to help organisations achieve a positive impact both organisationally and within wider communities.

We want to empower and equip you to meet the demands you face to deliver the essential and critical services you provide..

Supporting Your Priorities

To support your priorities, we can provide a host of solutions, from pioneering cloud-based software, advanced guided Business Change and Organisational Development consultancy, as well as technology specific training and digital adoption. All of our services are built to empower your teams and bring significant cost savings, increased workforce efficiencies, and improved best practice process.

Public Sector Partnerships

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Simple and secure payment handling

HeyCentric’s platform aim is to provide modern, powerful, cost effective income management solutions for local authorities, empowering you to make good financial and responsible social decisions, aiding the collection of income across your estates and delivering an inclusive and accessible way for citizens, local businesses, and other interest parties to interact with you.

Having an easy to use payment system will allow you to manage regular payments in a multitude of ways, including online web payments, automated telephone payments, ‘in person’ payments, and agent-assisted telephone payments.

With a combination of PCI DSS, PA-DSS, and P2PE assured payment solutions, the HeyCentric platform and apps are intuitive, flexible, and easy to use, with both business users and citizens in mind.Easy to deploy, and with a ‘public sector first’ approach specifically designed with your needs in mind, this powerful income management solution will enable secure payments with online, telephone, face-to-face, recurring card payments, and automated bank channels supported as standard.

Your senior stakeholders will be able to review your organisation’s cash position in real time, and give a complete picture at the touch of a button, with ETL tools for easy and seamless external system integration as standard, and automatic allocation tools to reduce labour-intensive tasks. It is income management; reimagined.

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Achieve greater value and efficiency to deliver better services

Proactis can help you digitally transform your eProcurement processes, drive up efficiency and meet your spending targets. The power of digital technology and data can be used to better engage with departments, suppliers, citizens and communities using cloud technologies and self-service tools.

With Proactis, this is possible – you can deliver improved operations efficiency, greater governance, risk mitigation and monetary savings. With the right approach, effective spend management can be more ingrained and enabled within your department.

Public Sector

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Public Sector

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Public Sector

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