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Embridge Services
Digital Adoption & Change

Digital Adoption & Change

We help your teams embrace and adopt change. By investing in Digital Adoption & Change as part of your transformation programme, you are guaranteed to address the organisational drivers required for change and realise an increased return on investment from the implementation of the technology.

Embridge Services
Digital Adoption & Change

Change delivered: adoption achieved

Our Digital Adoption & Change services will guide and inform your teams to realise quicker adoption of new systems and technologies. We help your organisation get the most from the investment in any new solution.

Our team of highly competent, skilled, and accredited Business Change & Digital Adoption professionals will be able to guide, advise, and support you throughout your transformation and change programme. We’ll deliver comprehensive and adept change readiness and change acceptance, providing you with cohesive and consistent user adoption.

We deliver comprehensive knowledge transfer and skills capability that empowers your teams to get the best from your solution and investment. See more about our Training services:

We can guide you through achieving true transformation and engagement using our expert Business Change services, or assist you with more holistic or non-technological structural change management using our innovative Organisational Development consultancy. We’ll work alongside you to focus on your people change.

Our method is underpinned by a research-based change management methodology, Prosci. Our Prosci accredited team will apply consistent methods to embed your change programme and deliver sustainable outcomes for you and your teams.

We apply a people-focused and systematic approach to improving performance and enabling change.

Our collaborative way of working will ensure interventions are collaboratively planned with full shared ownership, understanding, and commitment.

We’ve got the skills and services to help your organisation transform and adapt to change:

  • Change Readiness Health Check
  • OD Strategy & Planning
  • Case for Change Development
  • Benefits Management Enablement
  • Target Operating Model

We’re always on hand to help you deliver change and drive adoption quickly, effectively, and with true benefit realisation.

Are you ready for change?

We’re ready to help you discuss and plan the best approach to manage and deliver meaningful change in your organisation. Our team of experts are on hand to help you through your change; from planning to sustained adoption, we’re with you every step of the way.