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The Paperless HR Office

Digitalising Processes Unit4 HR delivers a wealth of capabilities to enable customers to digitalise their processes. These include, but are not limited to, online forms, workflow, advanced reporting, API integration and automated update capabilities. If you missed the Unit4 User Group session in Edinburgh on the Paperless Unit4 HR office, worry not. Mark Ridyard, Principal HR […]

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Why Data Comes First

Trusted Data? According to Gartner only 67% of businesses trust the quality of their current data to the extent that they will make strategic decisions on the strength of the analytics or insights gained from it. If you consider that Gartner Research estimates 55%-75% of all ERP migrations fail to be completed on time and […]

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Restricted funds – why they’re fundamental to the growth of your charitable organisation

What is a restricted fund? Often donations are made to a charity that can be used across the organisation for any reason deemed necessary by the charity. However, when a donor gives money to a non-profit organisation they may specify what those funds could be used for, and this is then treated as a restricted […]

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