Are You Fully Prepared To Support Your Organisations Reporting Challenges?

As you may be aware, ARC Reporting is deprecated technology. While still supported, Unit4 recommendation is to migrate all the existing ARC reports – suggesting its support is on the verge being dropped. The latest version of Report Engine does not allow the creation of new reports using ARC.

If you are using Unit4 ERP version 5.7.1 (or higher) the latest version of Report Engine is now even more powerful in helping you to convert your reports to new .rerx files (with Xtra layouts) meaning that you can take your time and make small controlled updates rather than one massive report upgrade.

On average it can take a day to convert a report, sometimes up to 3 days depending on its complexity…

Embridge offers this conversion process as a service, however if you wish to undertake this process there are various options available to you:

Advanced Reporting Course

Our Advanced Reporting Course teaches you how to create new .rerx (with Xtra) from scratch and guidance needed to convert from ARC to Xtra.

Adhoc Support

Start the migration with ad-hoc support from our Application Support team


Embridge Completes The Task

Talk to our support & development team to complete the process for you.

Existing reports made with ARC will still work (in your 32bit Business Server), but since the technology is obsolete, now is the time to start making those changes before it’s too late.

The next Advanced Reporting course will be held on 26th & 27th May – book now as limited spaces are available.

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