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Here at Embridge Consulting, we are passionate about being a strategic Organisation Development Business Partner. Always looking at the bigger picture enabling your organisation to learn and grow from your change initiatives, so you are in a better position each time a change is introduced. It is never too early to start planning your change readiness and how you need to support your most important asset =- your People. The moment you identify a good reason to make a change to any aspects that effects how people work within your organisation, the planning needs to begin. How your employees respond and react to the proposed change cannot be underestimated as true change comes about when individuals in the organisation transition effectively from their current state to the desired future state. 

We like to focus on working with your decision makers to formulate strong business cases for change, coaching your Change Sponsors to be the effective and credible working alongside your Project Teams to lead or support change activities, developing your Middle Managers to be the best change advocates for their teams and most importantly supporting you to encourage and motivate your employees to embrace the change.  

Business Change Consultancy Service…

The Prosci® change management methodology is at the core of our business change service. As certified Prosci Change Practitioners it means we can use a global best practice approach to support all types of change projects. We build on this methodology and believe that when change is managed well, an organisation can achieve its desired transformation quicker and be more effective in its response to other impacting and future changes. We offer a full Business Change Consultancy service and can support you with several key areas. 


Organisation Development Strategy & Plan

– development of key people initiatives and approaches aligned to support the achievement of your organisational objectives and goals 


Case for Change Development

input and guidance to develop a strong financial business case to support your People change projects right from the start linking it to process and technology change.


Change Readiness Healthchecks

review and recommendations on how to improve your adoption and usage activities on a live project or a planned project in readiness for GO LIVE and beyond 


Business Change Planning

– expertise and input into the development of key change plans including Communication and Training. 


Business Change Toolkit

– get you started with key templates and guidance to enable effective change management aligned to the essential success factors 


Business Change Management Delivery

– leading on your Business Change workstream or providing additional capacity to contribute towards successful project outcomes 


Building Change Capability

– supporting your Change Sponsors and Middle Managers to increase their change advocacy to effectively lead the organisation and its people through changes. 


Benefits Management Enablement

– development of a Benefits Management model, and approach linking the value of change management to the realisation of organisational benefits 


Target Operating Model

scoping out your required future ToM and proposing an optimal model linked to your organisational drivers underpinned with core change activities to ensure a smooth transition 

Embridge Business Change Framework

Embridge has a tried and tested Business Change Framework and a set of working principles used when supporting our clients with their change journey. Download the framework and principles now or contact Embridge on 01474 555505 or email

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