Disability Confident

Today, over half of workplaces are still missing out on disabled talent!

In an attempt to combat stereotypical and antiquated views on disability within the workplace, the Government launched their Disability Confident scheme in November 2016, with the aim to provide employers with the skills, examples and confidence needed to recruit, retain and develop disabled employees.

Passionate about fulfilling our equal opportunities responsibilities, Embridge Consulting (UK) Ltd is delighted to announce that we have officially joined the scheme by climbing onto the first rung of the ladder as a ‘Disability Confident Committed’ company.


What this means is, that we are committed to challenging attitudes towards disability, will provide inclusive and accessible recruitment to all and we are dedicated to supporting existing employees who have or may develop disabilities during their working careers.

Succeeding in business is our top priority, so finding the right people has always been high on our agenda. Removing barriers to disabled people in employment and benefitting from their skills, fulfilling their potential and realising aspirations is an absolute no brainer to us.

We are super proud to be one of thousands of businesses now bridging the gap when it comes to supporting fair and equal treatment, whilst overcoming inequality and discovering a wider talent pool within the disabled community.


Over the next 12 months, we will be working hard towards obtaining our full attainment as a fully-fledged ‘Disability Confident Leader’ company.

Embridge Consulting are buzzing to be a part of #DisabilityConfident 😊