Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference 2019

The message at the Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference 2019 was clear; diversity and inclusion (D&I) are top of the agenda for tech companies. 

Author: Faye O’Connell

Why is there such a focus on D&I?

The Government has been driving the D&I agenda through the introduction of gender pay gap reporting laws. This, in conjunction with the #MeToo movement, has undoubtedly prompted many organisations to have richer conversations about the position of women in the workforce.

But, while this focus is positive and has led to many changes, there is still a lot of work to do. Too frequently organisations focus purely on gender equality initiatives within the workplace.

Although this is of course fundamental, D&I spans much further. Organisations need to make sure they are widening the lens to include other factors such as race, age, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity amongst others.

But why is this imperative to your business?

D&I leads to:

  • Better business performance
    Inclusive behaviours in your workforce can unlock the innovative potential, enabling your company to not only increase its share of existing markets, but also open brand-new ones.
  • Better access to talent
    Diversity and inclusion programs build up workers from the inside out and foster an environment that is more attractive for prospective employees. High calibre candidates want to join a company that strives to provide a comfortable, supportive and inspiring atmosphere where people of different ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations can flourish.
  • More innovation
    Working with people with different experience and from different backgrounds makes for better decisions, and thus drives a high-performance culture.

So how do you start to address diversity and inclusion in your workplace?

The first step must be to capture the diversity data of your workforce. You can then analyse the differences that exist among your employees and be better able to highlight specific diversity issues to determine what changes you need to make to address them. This will help you achieve your goal of creating an environment of acceptance and equal opportunity for everyone.

How can we help you to support diversity data capture and analysis?

Embridge Consulting’s EVA (EmbridgeValue Accelerator) Plug and Play Diversity Recording and Reporting Solution supports the capture of standardised diversity data and our suite of reports also supports its analysis. This will enable you to highlight specific diversity issues as well as comply with UK Statutory Gender, and the anticipated Ethnicity, equal pay reporting requirements. To understand how we can help you to comply, contact us for a quick demo or for more information.

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