Embridge Consulting reaches 10 Year Milestone

This year, Embridge Consulting turns a very respectable and grown up 10 years old.

To celebrate this mighty milestone, CEO Emma O’Brien has roped her team into covering 150+ miles in 31 days during the month of July! Her team will be donating their time in exercise to cover this virtual distance in any way shape or form they see fit! Running, walking, swimming, cycling, pigeon stepping, even parachuting!

The 150 miles is our target, the distance between our 2 offices based in North Kent and Bristol, but we are all pretty sure that Emma will not let us stop until we have travelled there AND BACK!

With the Not for Profit sector close to the businesses heart, Emma too has been a long and devoted advocate when it comes to raising money for those in need; so it will come as no surprise to those that know our CEO, that not in a million years would she pass up such an obvious opportunity to raise some hard cash for a good cause whilst banging the 10 year drums.

The charity, Mind received the majority vote as the charity of choice by Embridge employees. With the Mental Health wellbeing platform growing in stature week by week globally, and touching so many of our lives personally, this is the perfect way for us to make a small difference.

We have chosen to support Mind in Bristol, primarily because of the large university population, but also to support our local communities within the surrounding Bristol areas. Close to our hearts, with our sister office residing in the centre of town, it makes perfect sense to focus our efforts here.

“Thank you for choosing to support Mind in this way and best of luck with your active challenges – it’s thanks to supporting organisations such as yourselves that are the reason we can continue to provide the vital mental health information and support services to those experiencing a mental health problem”

Mind Charity

Bristol Mind aims to promote a positive view of mental health and provides services that are accessible, relevant and empowering to the people using them. Their services aim to contribute to mental and emotional wellbeing and to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Help us in our quest to cover the 150+ miles by donating whatever spare change you can lay your hands on. Check your jeans pockets, rummage down the back of the sofa, raid the penny jar, it’s all for a good cause.

And finally, spare a thought for the Embridge team…. Emma O’Brien will not relinquish her tyrannical reign over us until she has squeezed the very last drop of blood sweat and tears from our weary bodies and raised our targeted £2K! Not even joking!


Miles achieved:

Check out our progress:

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