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Software & ACT Development – Agresso Customisation tool

As a certified Unit4 ACT Development partner our Smart Solutions service has grown from a desire to provide our customers with packaged solutions that will deliver great results quickly without the expense of complex bespoke customisation using the ACT Development tool (Agresso Customisation Tool).

We have a set of pre-configured smart apps and options that can be purchased for your implementation, with the aim to resolve minor but strategic issues in your organisation.

With our Unit4 accredited team of developers, we can develop apps, small customisations and reporting solutions to give your business the edge. Our Smart Solutions team will face any challenge to help you get your system working smarter for you.

Our ACT Developments are completely supported and upgraded under a maintenance contract, so you can be assured that when you upgrade these solutions will continue to work.

Typical enhancements


Amending screens – there are times when your team may want to see certain things, or not – our developers can create new screen layouts and/or change existing ones to exactly as you want them


New server processes – or changes to existing ones


Allow Unit4 Business World (Agresso) to interact with 3rd party/legacy systems


Mobile solutions / external hardware – as long as there is connectivity – our developers can enhance the user experience by creating additional ‘gadgets’ and apps that can help your business.

Our ACT Development apps

Below are a number of our Smart Solution apps – contact us to arrange a short demo.

Contact us to discuss your ACT Development requirements as these can be further enhanced or new solutions developed by our Unit4 certified ACT development team.

Exchange Rate Loader

Synchronise currency exchange rates directly into the Business World Solution, ensuring you are always using the latest rates available.

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Smart Document Extractor

Extract files from the Unit4 Business World document archive into an export folder based on the details of a browser search to allow rapid extraction of documents


Optimized for Milestone 6 (M6), Milestone 7 (MS7) and Milestone 7.2 (MS7.2), Web and Desktop applications

Smart User Creator

This handy Smart Solution designed by Embridge Consulting allows administrators to create multiple users quickly and easily based on a clone technique.  If you are planning on introducing new users on mass for your web or self-service project then this tool saves you time avoiding the need to upload each user individually.  This Smart Solution is supplied with the upload CSV file template and is fully supported via our annual maintenance schedule.


Unit4 Business World Milestone 5 (MS5), Optimized for Milestone 6 (M6), Milestone 7 (MS7) and once available Milestone 7.2 (MS7.2), Web and Desktop applications

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Smart Recruitment - Users

Automate the creation and maintenance of User records in Unit4 Recruitment, synchronising with Unit4 Business World


Milestone 7 (MS7) and Milestone 7.2 (MS7.2), Web and Desktop applications


The Master File Loader provides an easy, fast and safe method of migrating huge volumes of data, forms or currency into U4BW. It enables bulk import, update and validate of master data, as well as associated relations and flexi-fields all in a single step.

The Master File Loader uses its own web services to migrate data and generates excel templates based on your current U4BW configurations.

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Smart SharePoint Connector

Utilise the SharePoint file system through the Unit4 Business World document archive as an alternative means of file storage.


Optimized for Milestone 6 (M6), Milestone 7 (MS7) and once available Milestone 7.2 (MS7.2), Web and Desktop applications

Smart Recruitment - Vacancies

Streamline recruitment processes through the automatic creation of vacancies, using Unit4 Business World to initiate the process, making use of established hierarchies to manage approvals


Milestone 7 (MS7) and Milestone 7.2 (MS7.2), Web and Desktop applications

Smart Absence Thresholds

Support your attendance management procedures through the definition of absence thresholds and onscreen visibility an employees absence record in relation to the triggers


Milestone 7 (MS7) and Milestone 7.2 (MS7.2), Web and Desktop applications

Smart Interest Payment Plan

When creating payment plans in Unit4 Business World, the solution allows you to define the interest rate associated with it.


Milestone 6 (MS6), Web and Desktop applications

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Helping you make the right decision when choosing your new system.


Effective project management is at the heart of any project.


A new process or business system but no one knows how to use it or run it?


Specialists in Unit4 Business World and Exact Business Software.


Providing ongoing helpdesk support to ERP users.


ACT certified developers & technical gurus improve accuracy and efficiency

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