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When investing in a new business system – it’s surprising how many people forget about training yet it is fundamental to the success on whether the system works or not. Embridge has a number of expert trainers across business system platforms that can provide the support your business needs.

Business systems training is fundamental to user acceptance

Business systems training is fundamental to user acceptance – if your staff are not trained correctly, then there is little hope in them embracing and understand how the new system works! Users need to understand the system fully in order to get the most out of it – if they understand what and how they are doing something, their efficiency is multiplied.

When is training important?

Training is often forgotten and gets left to organise at the last minute (our excellent project management team can fix this for you!). However – training is critical from inception. Bringing staff on-board early and showing them the system can make or break a project. As part of our project management offer, we always ensure that training is flagged at the beginning of a project and the importance promoted.

Our business systems training offer includes:


Comprehensive standardised training on your software


Documentation and user guides to support your staff


Bespoke training – designed just for you

Why use Embridge as your training provider?

Most companies do not have an internal training team and by using Embridge, it provides you with expertise and knowledge that we have gained over a significant number of years. We also have all our training materials and guidance notes at our finger tips! This not only saves you costs as we’re not reinventing the wheel – but also capitalises on what we have learnt from other projects and organisations.

The team also have a great personality! There’s nothing worse than sitting in a training session being bored senseless is there? Our trainers ensure that everyone is engaged and even the most technical subjects can be made easy to understand and comprehensive. Most of the time our trainers will be working with the client as part of the project management team so there will already be a sense of a rapport – if not, we just make sure we build it on day one.

Types of training we offer:


eLearning – Accessible training 24/7 anytime, anywhere.


End User & Functional Training – Introduction to the software, systems processes and generic systems processes.


Upgrades Workshops and Difference Training.


Super User Training – Systems Design, Build and Configuration.


Module specific training – including HR, Payroll, Financials, Fixed Assets, Workflow, CRM, KPIs, MI etc.


System administration training – including roles and users, database views and flexifields.


Report Creation and Development.


Technical Training – Introduction to the system architecture, the infrastructure that is required to support this and how it needs to be managed.

If you are looking for a trainer that can help you with your business systems, call Embridge today on 01474 338735 or contact us here.

“At Lincolnshire County Council we had an urgent need to design and create a number of learning solutions at short notice to enable employees to use Agresso upon its launch some 6 months later. Embridge Consulting were recommended to us as having a proven track record in both project management and delivery of engaging learning solutions and from the very first conversation with them, they had started to help us see the light at the end of what had been a very long and dark tunnel. The commitment, flexibility and sheer determination of all the Embridge trainers who have helped us develop a great learning offer has been outstanding.”

Matt Bullock

Agresso Change & Communications Workstream Lead, Lincolnshire County Council

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