GLAD eLearning understand the underlying principles of good learning and development, to help you get the most from every employee.

What can you gain from using our eLearning?


eLearning Design

Our experienced eLearning developers will work with you to create a template design that matches your company’s branding, whilst ensuring that great instructional design techniques are used throughout.


Bespoke eLearning

We design and build eLearning just for you. Our development team will work with you to create business-realistic scenarios which accurately reflect the tasks and decisions that your staff have to make, and then build these into the eLearning. This ensures that your learners have an immediate connection with the content, which improves learning.


SCORM-compliant eLearning

We provide true SCORM-compliant eLearning. This means that you can use our eLearning on any Learning Management System (LMS) that you have in-house. If you do not have an LMS, but would like assistance putting one in place, then we can assist with that, too. We can even provide one for you.


Trackable Content

By using our eLearning, you can easily track completion levels of learning amongst your staff, which is a great way to track your return on investment.


Persistent Resource

One of the biggest benefits you will see of using our eLearning is that it remains as a persistent resource that your staff can refer to time and again. New staff who join your organisation after you have gone live and existing staff who need a refresher, will all be able to access the eLearning for hints and tips long after you have gone live.


Instructional Design

We use tried and trusted instructional design methods to ensure that we deliver to you the very best that e-learning can offer. Typically, we recommend that you use a Tell Me, Show Me, Try Me approach, which gives users the opportunity to read and/or watch a video explaining how to complete certain tasks before moving onto the Try Me section.

Clients tell us that they love our client care, our consultative process, and our pragmatic approach.

We know that you value a supplier who understands your business needs and provides you with practical and helpful support when you need it. We ensure eLearning is delivered on time and to specification.

Client care

Ensuring our clients are well looked after is key to our strategy. We understand that you deserve the best in client care. We aim to respond to emails the same day – and at most within 24 hours. We ensure you have the direct dial to contact any of our consultants working on your project. Our unique and innovative status reports are sent weekly so you always know exactly where we are on any project. And questions, tasks, risks and checklist items are all tracked and presented in an easy-to-read chart.


Consultative approach

As you can see from our elearning content writing service, we make it our mission to understand your business and goals. This means we are well placed to offer you tailored consultancy which is accurately pitched to ensure you get the most out of learning technologies. We don’t consider ourselves as a third-party provider but a partner, operating as part of your team. We always aim to provide our clients with what they need – and our own commercials are always a lower priority. Many of our clients comment on the fact that we don’t ‘nickel and dime’ and always take a pragmatic approach. If we can see that a small amount of our time can add value to a project, we’ll always look to provide it – and ensure that your projects absolutely run on budget.

Pragmatic approach

We understand that your organisation is different. We know that your procedures might not be the same as other organisations’. That is why we adapt our project delivery approach to meet your specific needs. And we always work to accommodate those last minute requests that naturally crop up from time to time. It is this pragmatic approach that clients tell us they love about our service.

Proven track record

We have worked with many clients across a diverse range of sectors. Sectors we have worked in include legal, financial, oil & gas, charities, railway, medical, technologies, and more. Our clients include BP, Barclays, BT, NSPCC, Instinet, Avnet, Phillips and Reynolds Porter Chamberlain. We have developed eLearning to extremely high standards within challenging timeframes.

Glad eLearning

Improve results through technology

Embridge Consulting moves business forward using innovative training, GLAD eLearning, apps, iPad m-learning, tablet training and more. We’re at the leading edge of technological developments in training, to help you improve results faster and more effectively. We also understand the underlying principles of good learning and development, to help you get the most from every employee.

GLAD elearning

How can we help?

Here’s a brief overview of the services we offer our clients.

Bespoke eLearning

Custom eLearning written especially for your company and your learners, using business-relevant examples to help learning.


Compliance eLearning

We can help with compliance training, including Anti-Money Laundering, anti-bribery, equality & diversity, conduct risk, health & safety and more.

Content Writing

Most of our clients very much want to bring bespoke eLearning solutions into their organisation, but they don’t have the time. When you use us for your elearning, you don’t need to worry about that.


Our cost effective hosting solution for your courses enabling your learners to view your modules and you to track their engagement and progress.

Agresso U4BW eLearning

As a leading Unit4 Business World partner in the ERP Enterprise Resource Planning consultancy arena, our GLAD eLearning delivers quality training.

Software eLearning

We employ engaging strategies in our eLearning to train users in new or bespoke software applications.

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Don’t just take our word for it…?

Read some kind words from our Happy customers.

We used GLAD (now Embridge) to create over 70 eLearning courses that would enable staff and managers to use Unit 4 Business World (Agresso). We chose GLAD because of their flexible approach to delivery and their perspective on user-focused eLearning courses.

Sean Powley

BT Global Services

GLAD Solutions (now Embridge) have worked with us since 2012, helping to transform our training programmes and learning platform. They have developed engaging and interactive eLearning courses for our business needs, which helped us support the business so that our employees could learn new ways of working and new systems.

Andrew Woolfson

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain

We approached GLAD Solutions (now Embridge) to support the design of our eLearning programmes and were reassured by the way they were able to listen to our needs and provide us with advice on the best approach to take to ensure that the content was delivered in an engaging way but also that we would monitor and track completion rates. The finished products were highly engaging and we received great feedback from the users.

Scott Cullen

Southern Railway


Embridge’s evolving quality management system is at the heart of what we do when delivering services to our clients. Stay in touch with us to drive forward your innovations and commitment to quality.