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Our Global Learning and Development (GLAD) team are experts in creating learning solutions for your business including Unit4 ERP training, training services including TNA, delivery and design along with elearning development and LMS solutions.

When investing in a new business system – it’s surprising how many people forget about training yet it is fundamental to the success on whether the system works or not. Embridge has a number of expert trainers across business system platforms that can provide the support your business needs.

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How we Deliver our Training Services:

Our GLAD training team engage with users through a number of different delivery mediums providing a range of both standard and bespoke programmes.

eLearning – The most engaging and creative way to embed knowledge for your team

Virtual Training sessions for gloabl participation – click for courses

Classroom Training available onsite or at our own training hub – click for catalogue

Learning Management Solutions tin can compatible LMS.

What our customers are say about our training:

Excellent training provided; training manuals provided are to a very high standard.

The course gave me a clearer understanding of the background to the system and the way it works.

Trainer was an excellent. Very patient.

The trainer was very knowledgeable and continuously checked with attendees ensuring a good understanding and following the training.

If you are looking for a trainer that can help you with your business systems, call Embridge today on 01474 555505 or contact us here.

Training You for Business…

Unit4 Business World Training – across all modules HR, Payroll, Financials, Fixed Assets, Workflow, CRM, KPIs, MI etc.

Super User & Functional Training – Introduction to the software.  Systems Design, Build, Configuration and processes.

U4 Public Training – across all modules HR, Payroll, Financials, Fixed Assets, Workflow, CRM, KPIs, MI etc.

Technical Training – Introduction to the Unit4 system (users, database and flexi-fields), architecture, supporting and mangement of the infrastructure

End User – Giving your team the right knowledge and understanding of Unit4 Business World

System Administration & Supporting Functions – Introduction to the system (users, database and flexi-fields), architecture, supporting and mangement of the infrastructure


Coaching & Leadership Development  – helping Key Executives to improve efficiency and unlock potential.

Compliance & Well Being  – a range of standard and bespoke elearning courses.

Our U4 Training Courses

Business systems training is fundamental to user acceptance – if your staff are not trained correctly, then there is little hope in them embracing and understand how the new system works! Users need to understand the system fully in order to get the most out of it – if they understand what and how they are doing something, their efficiency is multiplied.


True SCORM-compliant eLearning customised and branded to perfectly fit your organisation’s training needs.

Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Public training Courses

Training is a key factor in all successful Unit4 Business World (Agresso) implementations and upgrades, yet it is surprising how many organizations forget to include it when planning their entire project. Accessing the latest version of Business World and your own work space for hands-on practice. All delegates have their own environments – a mirror image of yours.  We have a number of Virtual and public training sessions available for you to book.

Our business systems training offer includes:


Comprehensive standardised training on your software


Documentation and user guides to support your staff


Bespoke training – designed just for you


A range of delivery options (Virtual, Classroom etc)

Why use Embridge as your training provider?

Most companies do not have an internal training team and by using Embridge, one of the leading strategic Unit4 Partners it provides you with expertise and knowledge that we have gained over a significant number of years. We have our own dedicated Unit4 training environments and all our training materials and guidance notes are at our finger tips! This not only saves you costs as we’re not reinventing the wheel – but also capitalises on what we have learnt from other projects and organisations.

The team also have a great personality! There’s nothing worse than sitting in a training session being bored senseless is there? Our trainers ensure that everyone is engaged and even the most technical subjects can be made easy to understand and comprehensive. Most of the time our trainers will be working with the client as part of the project management team so there will already be a sense of a rapport – if not, we just make sure we build it on day one.

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