Guildford Borough Council Selects Unit4 Cloud ERP

Guildford Borough Council has chosen the Unit4’s cloud platform and ERP implementation services from Embridge Consulting to facilitate the modernisation of its IT systems, processes and service delivery.

Designed for people led service organisations, the council will utilise Unit4 Business World to improve customer care and increase self service capabilities whilst supporting the very people that live and work in the community.
Embridge Consulting is committed to providing project excellence and industry best practice recently achieving ISO27001 and reaffirming its commitment to ISO9001.  Embridge’s latest innovation EVA (EmbridgeValue Accelerator), a proven implementation methodology, is the perfect partner for complex transformation programmes.

“We are delighted to be leading the ERP work stream of this prestigious transformation project in collaboration with the council, Ignite and Unit4, which is designed to transform and improve services across the whole of Guildford Borough Council”

Emma O'Brien

CEO, Embridge Consulting

What is EVA?


Like a free finance/HR Healthcheck?

3 short minutes is all it takes to get yourself entered into our free Healthcheck draw?  We are completing a survey to help shape our current and future support across the Unit4 customer base which in turn will help us to provide support exactly how and when you need it.

The rules are simple; 1) Complete the survey. 2) You’re entered into the draw!  3) The draw takes place on 31st July for an all expenses paid System Healthcheck.  T&C’s apply.

Assessment Overview

The purpose of the review is to identify the basic information on the current status and utilisation of the Unit4 Business World (U4BW) system within your organisation.

Issues with the current system

We will be identifying any issues with your current configuration of Unit4 Business World and make the necessary recommendations in the final report that will focus on areas of attention.


We will recommend enhancements which could be implemented as part of the upgrade if time and budget allow.  These could involve areas such as Dynamic Forms, Knowly, Workspaces and enhanced reporting tools.

Recommended Changes

Throughout the review we will consider where changes are neccessary and where we can recommend areas for improvement.  This could include ARC reports or use of Collaborator for example.

Further Improvement

Although not linked to the upgrade, processes that are identified as areas which can be improved will also be communicated.  This includes areas where system efficiencies could be made using Experience Packs or where additional configuration could save time.

Healthchecks are not just for Christmas Upgrades!

The heart of an organisation is its people and the backbone is it’s ERP system.  Without both working in harmony the structure of the business will collapse or work less effectively.  Therefore a periodic ERP Healthcheck is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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