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Five vital considerations when developing an agile, change ready organisation

Organisations are voting with their feet. More and more are taking the step to digital transformation, abandoning analogue operating models in favor of their digital counterparts.

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Article 4: Preparing Your People for Change – Aligning your Strategy

Building from that contextual discovery work and engagement planning, the next step is to ensure that all your ducks are happily sitting in lovely, neat rows. This next step, aligning your strategy, makes sure that all of the information and planning you built in your first preparation process then lines up and is ready for […]

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Article 3: Preparing Your People for Change – Rethinking your Change

In our articles so far, we’ve also looked at the need to align the four key milestones when approaching any change: Prepare, Engage, Involve and Embed. Within those four milestones are strategic processes which are easy to follow and straightforward to determine in the context of your organisation. These processes are absolutely essential to achieving a return […]

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Line Managers and their important role in supporting Change Readiness

Do you want to enable your employees to make a change by helping them to embrace, adopt and use the new systems and processes quickly and proficiently while minimising the negative impacts of change so you can achieve your organisational results and outcomes? This is defined as successful change management by the global research company […]

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Article 2: Preparing Your People For Change – Managing The Curve

Invest in your people and make them part of the process from the start, upskilling them, engaging them and alleviating the potential for change crisis to occur, as well as enabling a faster return on investment…

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Preparing Your People for Change

COVID changed the goalposts. In fact, COVID took those goalposts, set fire to them and completely removed all field markings and boundaries completely!

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