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Data Integrity Solutions

Data Integrity Solutions

Our solutions will help you move towards better data reliability and empower you to make fast, confident decisions based on trusted data.

Our Data Integrity Solutions will support your end-to-end data quality and migration processes. We combine our digital transformation skills, knowledge, and expertise with our partner, IDS’s innovative and ground-breaking technology to create a unique approach to data integrity, assurance, and quality.

Accelerated Access to Complete Data Certainty

In a time where data makes the world go round, we will help you move towards better data reliability and improve data security.

Value & Benefits:

Data Quality

Meaningful, validated data supporting strategic aims.
Faster transformation, migration, and testing.
Benchmarking and interoperability.
Quality measurement, improvement and control.

Data Transformation

Data ingestion, profiling, cleansing and de-duplication, and mapping.
Cost and time effective preparation for migration phases.
Faster integration into target system.
Enabling precise data for business information analysis.

Data Migration

Templated tool to create exact format needed by your target system.
Flexible: Application allows configured settings to split data loads into smaller batches to optimise runtime if desired.
Configurable scheduling engine enables migration rate to be throttled to test migration performance.

Test Automation

Cost and time efficient providing effective outputs.
Better insights and improved accuracy.
Faster feedback cycle.
Automation and quick elimination of contaminated/duplicated data.

Payroll Parallel Runs

Time and people savings with lower overheads to perform and successfully deliver.
Removes stress and potential for errors.
Assurance and speed.
Data integrity, security and accuracy.

Data Obfuscation

Replaces sensitive/restricted information whilst still supporting realistic testing.
Assurance of data security and privacy.
Automation removes potential for error.
Speeds up testing completion and effective data migration into target system live environment.

Data Integrity Solutions

Embridge Products

Delivering next generation innovation and pioneering products and solutions that will support organisations in transforming their business operations and embrace digital evolution.

Solutions supporting sustainable digital transformation

Aligning people, process, and technology, our range of products will provide organisations with the ability to embrace digital transformation easily and quickly.

Having a motivation for real business and user benefit at the heart of our innovations, our products will span the breadth of your digital technology landscape. We can help you achieve:

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Easy to use software solutions that meet strategic needs and user requirements
  • Streamlined and effective automations and integrations
  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure continued stability
Data Integrity Solutions

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