Why Adopt ITIL Standards

– Teresa Watson, Service Development Manager for Embridge Consulting.

Making excellence a habit is in the DNA of Embridge Consulting, so achieving standards, recognised accreditations and managing quality is crucial to us if our reputation is to continue to grow.

The benefits of using standards can offer a set of powerful business and marketing tools for organisations of all sizes and can be used to not only fine tune performance but manage the risks faced while operating in more efficient and sustainable ways.

The more standardisation we can achieve, the more we can demonstrate to you, our clients, the quality of our services whilst also offering the reassurance of embedded best practices that are part of our day to day running as a business.

Advice on improving performance whilst reducing business risk is something we are happy to share and with our recently acquired ITIL standard being achieved by no less than 6 of our consultants, we are well positioned to offer you Teresa’s Top Tips on exactly why you too should adopt the ITIL standard.

ITIL, formerly known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of detailed global best practices for IT service management, which focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business where the goal is to improve efficiency alongside achieving predictable service levels.

So why adopt ITIL?

The ITIL framework is a recognised source of best practice.

It allows businesses to deliver customer value through service

Enables the management of risk, knowledge and investments

Adopt a standard approach to service management

Improve relationships and interaction with customers

ITL is effective standard because it describes practices that permits organisations to deliver benefits, a return on investment whilst sustain success.

In summary, if you are operating within a service industry, you need to pay close attention to your processes to ensure your quality doesn’t slip, something Embridge Consulting are actively pursuing year on year to ensure that our reputation is your assurance of quality.

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