Xledger is a 100% true cloud SAAS (software-as-service) ERP finance system that empowers your organisation to understand your key financial data in real time whilst running a more efficient and agile finance department.


Xledger is empowering ambition

Finance and Accounting powered by Xledger is empowering organisations to embrace Digital Transformation, providing a comprehensive and unified cloud financial software solution that is easy to implement, configure, and update.


By automating more processes with Xledger, manual processes become a thing of the past saving time, eliminating errors and helping to save the planet by going paperless.


By using Xledger’s advanced BI tools you are able to view data & trends from any angle & drill-down to the smallest financial detail. With Xledger everything becomes clear.


Develop your markets and expand into new ones. Xledger grows with your organisation’s ambition with advanced tools and ERP features at your fingertips.

True Cloud

Xledger’s multi-tenant architecture means that you always have unprecedented up-to-date, secure, and cost-efficient software available to your organisation. 100% SASS.

User friendly

Xledger will save you time on implementation and prevent the high costs of future upgrades. It’s easily implemented, configurable and easy to upgrade.


Xledger provides a comprehensive solution multi-tenant software solution and seamlessly integrates with your vertical market software.

Xledger protecting users safety and privacy. Both elements of the Xledger software solution are accredited. The cloud-based finance software, the Xledger.net domain, is ‘Operation of cloud-based ERP solution’ ISO 27001 certified. And Xledger’s hosting datacentres are ‘Operating and managing datacentres’ ISO 27001 certified.

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10000+ customers and counting

“Since implementing Xledger, we have far greater reporting flexibility, better distribution of skills within the finance team and are naturally more self-sufficient”

CFO, RPC Tyche

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