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World Epilepsy Day – Embridge Consulting supporting Young Epilepsy

Tanya is once again the gift that keeps giving. TMG Fitness will be holding a Young Epilepsy event to endorse fitness, injecting some light hearted fun into an otherwise dull lockdown Friday evening, whilst raising money for our favourite charity.

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Embridge SHOUT! Appreciating Your Value awards

For venturing into new areas never attempted before; finding better ways to deliver value to our clients and our partners Demonstrates unyielding drive and commitment to work and self development; always remaining humble. Passionate about Embridge and its success; actively promoting Embridge and its talents. For always assuming responsibility for actions and decisions: striving to […]

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Article 2: Preparing Your People For Change – Managing The Curve

Invest in your people and make them part of the process from the start, upskilling them, engaging them and alleviating the potential for change crisis to occur, as well as enabling a faster return on investment…

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Preparing Your People for Change

COVID changed the goalposts. In fact, COVID took those goalposts, set fire to them and completely removed all field markings and boundaries completely!

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The London Marathon 2019 Young Epilepsy

Annie Anderson, an intensive care nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich and mother of 2, will be running the gruelling event to raise awareness and bucketloads of cash for the only UK charity of its kind

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Young Epilepsy – sponsored 10k Family Fun Walk

An organised 10k walk took place in North Kent to raise awareness and funds for Young Epilepsy, the national charity supporting children and young people aged 25 and under with epilepsy and associated conditions.

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