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Why Unit4 Cloud should be your next destination

Why Unit4 Cloud should be your next destination

Just like when you’re considering your next trip away, there are lots of things to think about when moving any system to the cloud. But your ERP, sitting at the heart of your organisation, requires particular attention. We covered the key things to consider when making a move to cloud in our recent blog.

You wouldn’t go on a trip without considering why that particular destination, and moving the cloud is just the same. Planning upfront and making sure you’re aware of the challenges puts you in a better position to reap the very real and tangible benefits of moving your ERP system to the cloud. With Unit4 having announced their intention to cease support for their on-premises solutions, our team has outlined the key benefits of Unit4 Cloud.

Cost-effectiveness and total cost of ownership (TCO)

On-premises costs are often underestimated, and there is a lot to consider when adapting your ERP. Before you know it your software needs upgrading, you are running out of storage and the staff require another training session.

What if you had a subscription that covered all of this without you needing to think about it? With a subscription-based model you pay for what you use without the upfront costs associated with on-premises systems. Maintenance and updates are also included in the subscription, which in turn will reduce IT overheads and provide more predictable costs to help with budgeting. In addition, as part of a shared community of Unit4 Cloud customers, any issues will to be spotted quickly and trends in feedback can be identified and addressed, informing system updates to improve workflow for everyone, so you are always one step ahead.


Unit4 Cloud allows you to easily adapt to the changing needs of your organisation by scaling up or down depending on your requirements. With the ability to adjust your resources and functionalities, you will no longer need to invest in new infrastructures.


Data security is so important within a business, and legacy systems can often pose a security risk to organisations as the threat of cyber-attacks evolves. Unit4 Cloud relies on trusted data centres from Microsoft Azure, which benefit from regular security patching and monitoring. Unit4 Cloud can also be configured to help meet any industry-specific and regulatory compliance standards.

Competitive advantage

Never miss an insight again with real-time data through Unit4 Cloud. With improved efficiency, you can identify and address issues quickly to improve decision-making and future actions.

Unit4’s continuous release strategy ensures you stay up to date with, not only the latest security updates, but innovations within their ERP product to help you maximise the value of your solution. With release dates available in advance, you can plan your internal resource to ensure adequate testing is done prior to new features going live.

Unit4 Cloud allows you to have a unified view over finances, operations, and inventory, bringing everything under one roof with a clear overview. The system will allow you to identify trends with real-time reporting in the cloud and become more agile.


With Unit4 Cloud, you can access your ERP system anytime, anywhere! Productivity is boosted with the flexibility of real-time collaboration from the location of choice – life made simple.

In addition, all of the strong project management, resource management, and financial control functionality available in Unit4 Cloud benefit from 99.8% availability.

Start your journey

If you’re considering a move, our experts can act as your very own travel guide and help you decide whether Unit4 Cloud is the right destination for your organisation. Start the journey today!

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