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Line Managers and their important role in supporting Change Readiness

How can we best support our Manager’s to be change ready? We want managers to feel confident about the changes ahead and have the right skills and information to be able to lead teams successfully through it.

Change Readiness for Line managers

Are you considering introducing new technology platforms and systems like an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and improving your business processes?

Do you want to enable your employees to make a change by helping them to embrace, adopt and use the new systems and processes quickly and proficiently while minimising the negative impacts of change so you can achieve your organisational results and outcomes?

This is defined as successful change management by the global research company Prosci. Strong preparation for change leads to effective management of change. This in turn will directly contribute towards improved ROI from the original investment of the new or improved technology. By supporting the people element alongside the process change and technology change, you will see a quicker realisation of the benefits, efficiencies, and improvements that underpin and produce a successful outcome from the implementation programme you are embarking upon.

Effective management of any change will reduce stress and support employee wellbeing prior, during, and post implementation, which can lead to reduced absence and presenteeism rates, as motivated teams perform more effectively. Efficient working practices post implementation can be quickly realised through improved productivity of employees and managers supporting your organisation to achieve its organisational objectives. Investing even a small amount of time on assessing change readiness at the earliest stages will contribute towards successful change management.

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Getting the balance right between the people, process, and technology elements as part of any technology implementation may sound as simple as ticking the ‘Communication and Training’ boxes, however, what is more important is supporting your employees to change their behaviour, attitudes, and mindsets.

By investing in business change resources and following a structured change management approach as part of your technology improvements and enhancements project, you are guaranteed to address your business drivers for change and realise an increased return on investment from the new system. ​

Our document provides an overview of our recommended Business Change Readiness approach. Our expert team of Business Change professionals who are Prosci Certified are able to support you in preparation for planning a future change. When change is managed well, an organisation can achieve its desired transformation quicker and be more effective in its response to other impacting and future changes. By undertaking robust Readiness Assessments or diagnostics, the data gathered can help to:

  • plan the required level of financial investment to enable effective business change
  • secure the right level of change management capacity
  • firm up the change approach to support the implementation of a new system and its associated processes for example.

This is where Embridge can help you and the approach described in this document is founded on our experiences and insights gained to-date by our Embridge Business Change Professionals and underpinned by a research-based change management methodology, Prosci. We use the Prosci Change Management Methodology on every customer engagement.

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