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World Epilepsy Day – Embridge Consulting supporting Young Epilepsy

This Friday, 26th March marks the children and young peoples charity, Young Epilepsy’s Purple Day!

#gopurple celebrates the International Day of Epilepsy awareness around the globe and is devoted to those young people and their families that live with epilepsy. Raising awareness and talking openly about the condition is key in order to dispel myths around seizures whilst donations can offer vital support and care to those living with the disorder Young Epilepsy is a charity that is incredibly close to the hearts of Embridge Consulting and is also our chosen charity to support in 2021.

With the CEO’s youngest son struggling with a worsening condition, diagnosed at 3 and now just 8 years old, Leo has seen more than his fair share of both ambulances and hospitals during recent months. His care is on-going and complicated, so much so that he is unable to attend his most favourite activity – school.

Facing serious surgery in an attempt to determine the ferocity of his seizures and missing out on friends and learning, Leo remains a positive and fun loving child despite all the trauma his young body has been exposed to.

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain in which there is a tendency to have recurring seizures. The fact that seizures can reoccur is key, as a one off seizure does not mean it is epilepsy.

It can affect anyone, at any age, from any walk of life.

  • Approximately 600,000 people in the UK have epilepsy which is equivalent to around 1 in 103 people.
  • he total number of children aged 4 years and under with epilepsy is approximately 1 in 509
  • The number of children and young people aged 18 years and under with epilepsy is near 1 in 220.
  • Misdiagnosis rates in the United Kingdom are between 20–31%.
  • In the UK, 70% of the population with epilepsy could be seizure free with the right treatment.
  • Currently only 52% of the population of people with epilepsy are seizure free.

There are lots of ways that we can raise awareness and the much needed funding to support continued research, in a bid to close these statistical gaps. Donations are essential when it comes to  providing invaluable support through their charitable work to its’ sufferers and families.

Making a difference with their amazing contributions

We have been recently moved by the vision and generosity of a young woman, Scarlett Menzies who at just 17 was faced with the daunting reality of ‘what next’ having left school last summer in the middle of a global pandemic. Refusing to be dictated by Covid19, Scarlett went on to set up her own fragrance company Fragrance Fix and just 5 months on is flourishing in both business, integrity and maturity.

Touched by Leos story, Scarlett has responded by pledging her entire April profits from her new fragrance business to Young Epilepsy. WOW!!!!!!!

Embridge Consulting has always understood the importance of its’ employees well-being and have actively promoted a good physical and mental health approach as part its work/life balance.

Teaming up with a local business TMG Fitness a year ago was a stroke of lockdown genius and has since become a firm staple of many an Embridge personnel! Keeping us fit, focused and together as part of a growing community ‘virtually’, week in and week out, instructor Tanya McKenzie-Gordon has been a life saver to many – including young Leo who is partial to a Pound Class!

This Friday, Tanya is once again the gift that keeps giving. TMG Fitness will be holding a Young Epilepsy event to endorse fitness, injecting some light hearted fun into an otherwise dull lockdown Friday evening, whilst raising money for our favourite charity.

The event starts at 6.15pm and costs just £6. There will be 2 fitness classes (all abilities catered for, kids included) and prizes for best dressed – PURPLE is a good place to start! Check out the details here and get booking the CHARITY EVENT…HiiT me baby one more time! HiiT the road Jack #GOPURPLE.

Why not just donate and watch everyone else do the hard work?

Help us in our quest to raise awareness and cash for this worthy charity. Buy a gift of perfume for a loved one this Easter from @FragranceFixx or get active with TMG Fitness on Friday 26th March to help raise funds. Failing that, have a rummage down the back of the sofa for lose change or check those jeans back pockets for a surprise forgotten fiver and make the difference to the lives of children like Leo, by donating today https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/embridgeconsulting

Young Epilepsy is the ONLY charity in the UK to provide so many invaluable services for children suffering from epilepsy, including a helpline for parents, training for teachers and carers, support for teenagers in finding further education and work placements, plus much needed research into the debilitating condition.

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