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Our Senior Management Team are experts in their fields, and have the experience and capability to ensure that our company and our team deliver to strategic needs as well as operational objectives.

Embridge Consulting
Senior Management Team

Meet Our Senior Management Team

Emma O’Brien

Paul Gardner

Jane Dobson

Wendy Henry

Faye O’Connell

Dan Chilton

Dr Anthony Thomson

Gerard Oates

Embridge Consulting

Embridge Consulting

Learn more about what matters to us as a company, motivating our work and empowering us to demonstrate the power of positive potential through technology.

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It’s not every day you meet a company like Embridge Consulting. Innovative, dynamic, creative, and always colouring outside of the lines.

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At Embridge Consulting, we seek out the best and most ground-breaking technology partners to bring new heights of transformational possibility to our clients.

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With Embridge Consulting, you’re in safe hands.

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