Companies That Care Day is about celebrating those businesses out there that care about their employees.


Does yours?

Have you ever really loved the company that you worked for? Did they give you the feeling that what you did was important and your contribution mattered? Does Embridge Consulting follow the principles of a socially responsible employer that Companies that Care Day brings awareness to?

Today is Companies That Care Day and is about celebrating those businesses out there that care about their employees. Everyone wants to work in a place that pushes individuals to grow, encouraging and enabling success. Working in an environment like this can be a great source of support and positive energy, and these are benefits that can flow into other areas of people’s lives as well, making employees feel cared about whist helping them to progress in life.

This is also a day that encourages employers to do more by taking a look at the different steps they can take to grow their employee initiatives.

After all, not only is this going to benefit employees, but it will benefit the big people at the top of the tree. An employer showing their team that they care and are committed to its growth and well-being, will ultimately benefit the company as a whole because employees will not only work harder but will feel a sense of loyalty towards its CEO and ‘their’ company. This in turn can boost retention rates, increase chances of the company holding onto its best talent, whilst attracting more from beyond.


The most successful business owners recognise that they would be nowhere without the people who work for them!


There are a number of different characteristics that define organisations that are responsible and caring. The first is to sustain a work environment that is founded on the respect and dignity of all workers. Aside from this, businesses should think about the human toll when they are making company decisions.

Caring companies establish and communicate standards for ethical integrity and behaviour, appreciate and recognise the contributions of their workforce, and develop exceptional leaders at all levels who are great at people management.

Other characteristics include enabling the well-being of their workforce and their family members through practices, policies, benefits, and compensation, as well as encouraging the individual pursuit of a healthy work/life balance, cultivate the full potential of all of their staff members, and make employees feel valued and that their jobs are important.

These characteristics can help us to understand what could be better in our own organisation and as an employee, it can really help to highlight how a company measures up when it comes to valuing  individual performance and the efforts they make.

A socially responsible employer will have key principles as the cornerstones to making workplaces a centre of growth and a leadership that can increase the production and profitability of the company and individuals.

So, today is a day to take a good close look at who you are working for and judge for yourself whether your employer is delivering on what really matters. Or as an employer, are you measuring up?

Companies that Care…

      • Sustain a work environment founded on dignity and respect for all employees
      • Make employees feel their jobs are important
      • Cultivate the full potential of all employees
      • Encourage individual pursuit of work/life balance
      • Enable the well-being of individuals and their families through compensation, benefits, policies and practices
      • Develop great leaders, at all levels, who excel at managing people as well as results
      • Appreciate and recognize the contributions of people who work there
      • Establish and communicate standards for ethical behaviour and integrity
      • Get involved in community endeavours and/or public policy
      • Consider the human toll when making business decision

If your employer is ticking some or all of these boxes, then you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to being part of a caring company.


So, the big question… Is Embridge Consulting a Company that Cares? 

Year on year, staff consistently demonstrate how highly they value, trust and support each other in the workplace, which is proven through our high staff retention rate.

Instilled principles with over 95% of employees having a ‘very clear’ understanding of the company’s vision, mission and purpose, and the company’s real desire to make each employee feel worthy and important, the proof really is in the pudding.

A recent survey showed employees responded with a score of 8.5/10 when asked if they would recommend Embridge Consulting as a place to work.

That’s a statistic we are pretty proud of!

Embridge Consulting would like to celebrate Companies that Care Day by shining a light on the things we’re getting right so far.

Happy staff makes for a successful business and whilst we’re always looking for ways to make improvements, after all it’s a process, a constant learning curve, we will strive to stay relevant and mindful of everybody in all that we do.

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