Engaging your Employees with an Innovative Compliance Training Package

Let’s face it; compliance training isn’t everyone’s favourite time of the year. But it’s an integral part of your brand’s learning and development strategy and it’s crucial that you deliver an effective programme for your employees.

Delivering an engaging compliance training programme makes business-sense. Instead, lots of companies provide their employees with sub-standard, read-and-agree training.

Boring content is dangerous content.

(And your training doesn’t have to be!)

Boring, box-ticking exercises are a disservice to your brand and the information employees need to be familiar with. Compliance training that fails to engage employees is a waste of time for everyone involved.

If your training falls short then it makes it harder for your organisation to comply with regulatory bodies and for your own employees to comply with your code of conduct and processes.

Bespoke training that hits the target

Bespoke training that hits the target

Keep content engaging:

  • Effective compliance training ensures that your organisation’s reputation is not compromised in the long-run.
  • Mistakes can be extremely costly, so it’s essential that your staff understand your brand’s procedures and industry-wide protocol.
  • Reducing mistakes will help to solidify customers’ trust in your brand.
  • Having the correct training means that employees can successfully perform tasks and ensures that productivity and efficiency levels aren’t affected by a lack of knowledge.
  • Your employees need to understand how to manage risks and compliance matters that may arise in their jobs.

Using a compliance elearning training package transform your employees into active learners through interactive and engaging information.

Compliance elearning increases information retention.                                   

Here are some more reasons why elearning should become part of your brand culture:

Bespoke Content with Familiar Scenarios

Generic, irrelevant training content is bland and unfamiliar to your employees. Job-specific scenarios help learners to apply new procedures and information into their everyday responsibilities. Bespoke, branded content allows people to emotionally connect with content which makes learning more challenging and increases its effectiveness too.

  • Our content authors at GLAD will research relevant case studies and scenarios which are specific to your brand and industry.
  • For example, tailored elearning modules for financial sectors can cover; Anti-Bribery, Information Security, Conduct Risk, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Personalised elearning for Different Knowledge Levels

For employees that are very knowledgeable about certain aspects of compliance training and are at an advanced level, alternative pathways throughout an elearning course can be mapped out. This personalised journey can fast-track the learner through areas they have more understanding in, so that they can focus on other development areas.

  • We can design a nuanced scenario at the beginning of a compliance training package to assess the level of knowledge a learner has and provide them with an appropriate, personalised journey for their capability.
  • Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, personalised elearning can cater for specific learners.

Analyse Learning Results and Pinpoint Areas to Focus on

A modern, flexible Learning Management System, enables you to assess how well your employees have understood your training. With a comprehensive LMS, you can monitor and assess whether your employees are grasping difficult concepts and make changes if content is not appropriate.

Gamification in Elearning Benefits

Gamification helps learners enjoy elearning

  • Your brand will be able to access an ongoing, accumulative reporting suite and track the levels of understanding and interaction with the course content.
  • We’ll write intelligent assessment and checkpoint questions to help you assess how well a learner is engaging with your content. As a result, you‘ll achieve a higher success rate and a greater ROI for your training spend.

Empower Employees with Self-paced Learning

Elearning gives your employees the opportunity to learn at their own pace. A course that employees can access 24/7 allows them to learn in a way that’s convenient to their lifestyle.

Learning in a traditional classroom environment isn’t appropriate for everyone for a wide range of reasons, such as the one-size-fits all approach that sees content taught at only one speed and in one way.

  • An elearning compliance training package helps people learn at a faster, slower or somewhere-in-between pace and learners can work their way through material, according to their requirements.
  • Compliance training is more engaging if people can interact with it at a pace that suits them, in a comfortable environment and delivered in a format that complements their style of learning.
  • Reflect the diversity in your workforce with the diversity of your learning.

New Innovative Ways to Learn

Employees will be learning about complex procedures during compliance training, but that doesn’t mean that material has to be bland and dry. Training should tap into an employee’s job satisfaction levels, instead of being seen as a tedious hoop to jump through.

Bespoke Compliance Elearning

Get more out of your compliance training

  • Gamification takes a gaming framework and combines it with learning content. Difficult concepts can be repackaged in a fun format. The gaming framework uses a reward-system and amplifies the sense of achievement that ‘completing’ a game brings; in this case the game is benefitting learning and development.
  • Delivering concepts through gamification can foster positivity, as employees have to actively participate and interact with the content in front of them. Learners can navigate a pathway of bespoke challenges and collect rewards. This incentivises employees to work through their material and a gamification framework creates a fun assessment strategy to highlight the impact of learners’ choices.

Improve Your Compliance Training

Increase your training completion rates and utilise your training budget’s ROI with bespoke elearning compliance training.

Companies we’ve worked with have benefitted from bespoke elearning courses with relevant content written specifically for their staff to enable them to comply with regulatory and internal codes of conduct.

Contact us today for your free proposal or visit our compliance elearning training page for more information.

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