In Cornerstone, evaluations help review and measure the impact and return on investment you achieve from your training spend. What you might not be aware of is Cornerstone evaluations follow the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluations. Before we look at how Cornerstone evaluations can help get more out of your training, let’s have a quick look at the Kirkpatrick model.

Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluations

The Kirkpatrick model has four levels of evaluations, each of which is defined below: Level 1: Reaction. Sometimes known as ‘happy sheets’, this evaluates how a learner feels about training they have undertaken. It measures how favourable, engaging, and relevant to their roles learners found the training. Level 2: Learning. This evaluates the learning that has taken place. Has the learner acquired the intended skills, knowledge, attitude and confidence through the training? Often, this is measured by performing knowledge tests before and after the training and comparing the results. Level 3: Behaviour. This looks at whether learners are applying their new knowledge and skills in their roles. Often, this is measured by comparing observation checklists before and significantly after the training has occurred. Level 4: Results. This measures degree to which desired learning objectives occur as a result of the training and follow up training support. Cornerstone does not support this fourth level of evaluation.

Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluations

The model as defined on

Why Evaluations are Important

When you have invested time, resource and money in staff training, you want to ensure the results are valuable. There are four key areas you will want to evaluate:

  1. Did the training meet or exceed the learner’s expectations and needs?
  2. Did the training increase knowledge and skills within the learners?
  3. Has the training brought about change in learner behaviour or performance?
  4. Has the training added benefits to the organisation as a whole?

With the answers to the above questions, you can measure your ROIReturn on Investment.. With the answers to these questions, you are better informed about the success of the training delivery, and any changes you may want to bring into play.

Cornerstone Evaluations

If you use Cornerstone, you can already start using learning evaluations up to level 3 of the Kirkpatrick model. Setting up evaluations in Cornerstone is easy, and there are help topics within the LMS that will help you. Once you have evaluations, you will be able to assess the training you are pushing out. This will help you provide more improved training solutions in the future. In Cornerstone, you can define and create your evaluation questions and pool these together into evaluations which can be sent out after training has been completed. And you don’t need to limit this to simply ILTsInstructor Led Training, or classroom sessions., you can add training to any LOLearning Object. Any type of training in Cornerstone. within your Cornerstone portal! You can set email reminders to ask learners to complete their evaluations, giving you more information about the feedback.

Cornerstone Evaluations

Cornerstone Evaluation Forms (Level 1)

In our upcoming articles, we will be writing an article that will explain how to set up, configure and maximise the use of Cornerstone evaluations. You can email us at or call us on 0800 9177433.

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