Business as Usual – As a technology provider we have used virtual technology for many years and we are well placed to support our customers during this unprecedented time.  Please contact us if you feel we can support your business in the short or long term to enable you to remain as operational as possible as we face challenging times together…..

Important Communication and Update Date: 16th March 2020

As the number of cases of coronavirus is rising in the UK, we feel it prudent to advise our clients on the plans we have in place to ensure business continuity in the event that any members of the team are required to either self-isolate or become unwell.

The Government is not at this moment recommending closure of any public / shared spaces or services (i.e. schools, colleges, workplaces, etc.). Given the nature of the circumstances we face today relating to the spread of the virus, this is subject to change and we have plans in place to cope with this eventuality. Embridge Consulting is committed to supporting your business operations through this difficult period. We detail below for your information some of the steps and measures we are taking during this time.

Pandemic Business Continuity Plan

In the event we receive Government guidelines to close offices, all of the Embridge Consulting staff are set up to work remotely from home. We have a number of tools in place, such as email, SharePoint, Zoom Conferencing and Microsoft Teams, which will allow continued connectivity between staff and our clients.

We have within our disaster recovery and emergency teams assigned Pandemic Co-Ordinators who will ensure that Embridge Consulting’s senior team is furnished continually with the latest and most up to date advice and guidance issued from and/or declared by the relevant Bodies and Authorities to enable sound and proper decision making, as well as facilitating the communications on any such advice, guidance and instruction to the team and to our clients, suppliers and partners.

Depending on the development and spread of the virus, it may be that we will need to discuss with you the potential of providing all services on a remote basis.

As mentioned, we are set up so that all staff can work remotely and therefore there should be no interruption of service other than a physical presence onsite being changed to virtual.

We would only take that step if there was a risk to your staff or ours, or if a Governing Body / Medical Authority recommended that any travel be restricted to critical only.

We will of course stay in regular communication with you at all points in time, updating you with any changes or decisions, and the continued support we have in place to ensure there is minimal or no interruption to your projects. Your Project Manager / Account Manager will be discussing with you appropriate contingency plans over the next few days.

Limiting Travel – Domestic and Abroad

At the present time, we are asking for necessary travel only to be undertaken and for all staff to take sensible precautions in relation to hygiene and limiting the spread of infection.

To reduce the risks to our clients’ staff and their families, as well as our staff and their families, we will be utilising our video conferencing and collaborative virtual meeting facilities to enable conversations and key business activities to continue without interruption. If an in-person meeting is required onsite with you, we have provided guidance and advice to our staff on the proper precautions and asked that they ensure safety is maintained as paramount to minimise the risk to anyone attending the meeting.

We have sent an internal communication to all staff providing advice and guidance, along with links to Public Health England, the Government’s dedicated site to coronavirus and the NHS website to ensure that they have to hand accurate and up to date information on the situation, rather than allowing a circumstance where misinformation may lead to unsound decisions being made.

Physical Contact

In line with the advice we have given to staff about preventing the spread of infection, we have given our staff the instruction that in order to protect our clients and our staff, they should refrain from shaking hands, hugging or other physical contact given in greeting. If a member of our staff attends your site, please do not think that they are being discourteous in any fashion – this is an instruction we have given to them for your safety and theirs to minimise the risk of spreading any virus.


We would ask all our clients to stay in regular communication with us in regard to their own procedures and decisions, so that (for example) if a client takes the decision to temporarily close their offices for any reason, we do not undertake travel to the site and we can make alternative arrangements for the work to be carried out remotely where possible. If we are not able to carry out work remotely, we will make arrangements for the onsite visit to be postponed to a more suitable time.

As mirrored behaviour, we will remain in contact with our clients and should we need to implement our Pandemic Business Continuity Plan and move our office-based staff to remote working, we will keep you updated.


Given the circumstances and threat we are all facing in the UK and globally, we will be (where possible) providing any training scheduled via our innovative and fully collaborative virtual training mechanisms, rather than classroom or face to face.

It may be that you have already implemented the prohibition of external visitors to your site, in which case we may have already discussed this with you and scheduled the virtual training with you.
However, if you have classroom/face to face training scheduled in with us, our GLAD Manager will be in contact shortly to discuss your preferences and any reasonable adjustments you may wish to make or discuss and take the mutual decision to provide training virtually where possible.

Office Locations and Reallocation of Staff in a Disaster

At this moment in time, our Kent and Bristol offices remain open and operational. Should this need to change, depending on national developments and Government advice, we have the necessary mechanisms in place to continue to provide you with support and business services even in the event that the offices are temporarily closed.

As you may know, a significant number of our staff are remote based workers, and those who are office-based are set up so that they can simply “lift and shift” from an office environment to working from home, easing and facilitating any emergency working arrangements.

Embridge Embraces Your Difficulties

We are very aware that we are not the only company facing decisions around staff safety and ensuring that we have a business continuity plan in place – all businesses and all citizens within the UK are faced with the same situation.

What we can do that is different to some other businesses is offer you support and help with the maintenance and management of your U4BW systems during this time.

Some businesses may experience up to a fifth of their workforce being either unwell or self-isolated. It is also highly likely that if one member of a team becomes unwell or symptomatic, that team may have to follow suit and enter quarantine or, as a worst case, become unwell themselves. If such circumstance was to arise and you found that your IT or System Admin team were unable to work temporarily, please do not hesitate to contact our Managed ERP team who will be able to fill the gap during the absence and provide the support and help you need to ensure that your systems are continually maintained as a back-up mechanism in times of crisis and widespread absence.

To ensure that we are able to meet and assist you with the challenges you may be facing or may soon be facing, we have increased the facility of our Managed ERP Helpdesk to ensure that we have the resource and capability in place to take up the additional requirements and ensure consistent quality service delivery, allowing us to assist you during this time, should you be looking for any support or assistance.

If you would like to discuss Helpdesk Support for your U4BW system, please contact and we will be happy to talk through options and identify where we can best support you during this momentary global crisis.

General Information

We do not at this point in time anticipate any change to our service levels to our clients, but as the number of cases increases in the UK and the spread of infection widens its net, if that should change for any reason (either with an individual consultant booking or a more general company-side required response to a situation), we will let you know as soon as we can.

Whilst writing, we would like to ask that as we are facing a threat which does not discriminate in terms of who it affects and who will be affected, if you undertake any emergency procedures or become aware of any cases within your own sites, please can you let us know so that we can take any necessary preventative measures (rearranging site visits, etc) to ensure our service levels continue with little or no interruption.

We thank you in anticipation of your assistance regarding this situation and we will keep you updated with any key information or actions taken as time progresses and / or as the situation progresses.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Emma O’Brien
Chief Executive Officer
T. +44 (0)1474 555 505