Add Value to Your Elearning with Custom Certificates

Have you ever taken a course, whether in education or at work, and received a certificate at the end? If so, what did you do with it? Some people like to hang theirs on a wall for all to see; others tuck theirs away in a drawer. Very few people will throw their certificate away. So what does this tell us about custom certificates in elearning courses? Actually, quite a bit. It tells us we all, to one degree or another, take pride in our achievements. And so we should! That’s why at GLAD we think certificates play a really important role in a truly engaging and rewarding elearning course. Because of this, we include them as a standard feature on any elearning we produce for you. Let’s take a more detailed look at why certificates are a great feature of elearning, and the custom certificates that we can create for you.  

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A certificate allows learners to take pride in their achievements


Why include a certificate in an elearning course?

Everyone appreciates an occasional compliment, and a positive learning environment is essential to people’s desire to succeed. A certificate is recognition of a learner’s accomplishments. It gives people confidence in their own ability, and demonstrates successful completion to colleagues and managers. It also acts as an incentive. Many elearning courses are mandatory, such as compliance elearning or induction training elearning. But the opportunity to receive a tangible, recognised reward after completion can still be a great motivator for your learners. The certificate must be meaningful, though. It should be given at the end of a challenging course or series of courses that are aligned to competencies important to your organisation. This way, people in your organisation will know a learner spent significant time and effort completing the courses, and have gained valuable knowledge or skills as a result. If your managers take the certificates seriously this adds further value to the elearning course, and in turn makes the certificate more credible.  

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An example of a custom certificate we created for a client


What is included on an elearning certificate?

At GLAD we specialise in bespoke elearning, and apply the same principle to any certificates we create for you. In other words, your certificate can include whatever information you need! Standard features on most custom certificates include the course title, the learner’s name, their score, and the date of completion. A popular feature is a signature of approval from a senior executive – another way to add credibility to a certificate, and a course as a whole. We can also add gamification badges. These are badges that are achieved upon answering certain checkpoint questions correctly or completing certain interactions during the course. We have found that including these badges on a certificate increases learner engagement. Finally, we always provide learners with the option of printing or downloading their certificate at the end of a course.

Adding custom certificates in elearning courses

Custom certificates in elearning are just one of a host of features we offer as standard in the brilliant elearning we create. If you’d like to find out more, email us at You can also follow us on Twitter.

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