e-Learning just got a whole lot more interesting!!

e-Learning just got a whole lot more interesting for Embridge Consulting as they acquire partner and e-Learning specialist, Glad Solutions.

Embridge couldn’t be more pleased, or should we say ‘glad’ to announce that we have a new teammate and as part of this new acquisition, Embridge Consulting will open its third office in Crawley, where the e-Learning team will be based.

Emma O’Brien MD of Embridge Consulting commented “Glad solutions has an amazing talent and passion for e-learning, so when the chance to acquire such a talented team and creative offering came about, it was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down and one that will enhance our already innovative service offering to existing customers and to new areas of the market.

This is an amazing opportunity for Embridge to deliver high end learning experiences across a wider network of users, expanding our innovative products and services across new markets.  It allows Embridge Consulting to expand its current delivery of learning solutions and packages to the Unit4 Business World ERP user base.  It’s an exciting time to be part of the Embridge team.

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