“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”. – Steve Jobs

Embridge Consulting has always had quality in the heart of everything we do and has continuously strived to give the best possible service to all its customers, partners, employees & associates, so a decision at management level to achieve the ISO9001 certification in 2016 was high on the agenda and one to be taken seriously!

Emma Obrien on ISO9001 accreditation

Emma O’Brien commented “We have always followed tried and tested procedures and processes so the natural next step was to formalise this, challenge our business management system and ensure our commitment to quality management was demonstrated by achieving the latest ISO9001:2015 accreditation. Achieving accreditation is an achievement the whole Embridge team are very proud of and demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving what we do and how we do it.”

So what is ISO9001 and how will this affect you the customer?

ISO9001 is the requirement to maintain a quality management system that is followed by the sum of the business. It ensures we meet regulatory requirements and have a strict process driven approach, which continues to evolve and improve.

For you the customer, this means that you will always see a consistency to the service you receive, it means that we take Quality Management very seriously, wanting to continually drive forward improvements and innovative solutions giving you, the customer, the highest quality of service possible.

Quality Standard with ISO9001 accreditation

As an employee, our business management system is in the heart of everything we do. It ensures that all staff have clear guidelines to work too, standards they must comply within ensuring that our clients can have the confidence on a robust, high quality & consistent service at all times.

“We have been supporting Embridge Consulting in their goal to achieve the ISO9001 certification, which I’m pleased to confirm has now been awarded.  We believe that any customer facing organization that wishes to continually improve and develop should seriously consider the ISO9001 certification.  For Embridge, it has been a journey paving the way for continual improvement, quality of care and best practice methodology, an award worthy of such a great team of people.” Lucy Trimmer, Management Systems Consultant, 2SB Management Systems

Lucy trimmer 2sb