Embridge Consulting is featured in this month’s edition of ERP Today, the magazine for enterprise application and associated technologies.

Embridge is never one for shunning the limelight and at the moment its current success in Public Sector is certainly grabbing the attention of the media.

Featuring in a number of online publications following the successful delivery of a number of ERP projects to the Public Sector, ERP.Today has taken up the news story and published an article in this month’s edition.  

Working in collaboration with the People Centric Software organisation Unit4, Embridge has secured yet another win with the Surrey County Council. Comprising ERP, financial planning, analytics, and human capital management software, the platform also includes another of Embridge’s partners Proactis for a SAAS supplier management solution, while a HR and payroll bureau service will be delivered to approximately 36,000 external users. 

“Our team have been working towards this moment for a number of years, planning and developing a comprehensive industry model built around best practice that is unique to the Public Sector.  I’m proud to lead such an innovative team of experts and creative thinkers”

Emma O'Brien

CEO, Embridge Consulting

Mark Harris, Business Development Director, who joined Embridge in June 2019 and has been instrumental in bringing new partnership opportunities to Embridge commented “The work we have been doing is focused around collaboration, bringing together a number of like-minded organisations to deliver maximum efficiency across our clients’ business systems.”

Embridge has signed a number of deals with Leading Talent Management company Hireserve, Supplier Management specialists Proactis and Document Automation experts CloudTrade and most recently, Intelligent-DS (IDS) for Data Intelligence and Software Testing. 

This is certainly an exciting time for Embridge, a company which has always been passionate about the quality of its delivery, positive in times of adversity, and one that constantly looks to challenge the status quo by thinking out of the box.

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