As 2016 draws into shorter nights, conker collecting, bonfires, roasted chestnuts, Strictly and thoughts of Christmas, whilst this might bring a warm glow to many of us, here at Embridge we have no time for such poetic wistfulness!

With reams of projects and developments growing faster than the toadstools on your lawn, we have had to knuckle down, move to a bigger office and hire more help!

Sally Banks Project Manager

With an already excellent team of project managers working within the Embridge fold across the country and with the ever increasing projects landing on our doorstep, it was becoming obvious that we needed to invest in some more serious Project Management assistance.

Welcome Sally Banks! Project Manager extraordinaire!

Sally joined Embridge Consulting in September and brings with her not only a wealth of expertise and experience as an IT Project Manager, but a level headed, super organised, master of timeline efficiency that will see your project run as smoothly as silk from start to finish once she is at the helm.

Able to compartmentalise and lead a team to success calmly, on time and within budget is the name of her game and we were super delighted to reel this little lady in having decided to dip her toe back into the market.

Having studied at Nottingham University, gaining a BSc Hons in Geography, and working over the past 20 years within the IT field mastering her trade, Sally has learned through first-hand experience how this fickle industry can duck and dive. She has a fantastic understanding of leadership and collaboration when it comes to project managing and being able to stay within the goal posts, even when challenged, is the number one qualification we were looking for when it comes to successful project managing.


Runs like clockwork

Sally is a mum to two gorgeous boys and lives somewhere delightful and pretty in the countryside. A dedicated volunteer and familiar face at her local church where she regularly helps out with admin duties to assist with the running of the church and taking an active role by participating on several community committees, Sally brings a new serene dimension to our team. As you already know, here at Embridge we are pretty fussy about who we take on and securing this sophisticated new lady with a hint of cheeky hidden fun will complement our ever growing team – perfectly!

We are always on the hunt for passionate, driven, dedicated, thinking outside the box people. Old, young, experienced, new kid on the block. If you have something unique to offer and believe you can add value to our team, why not drop us your CV at

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