Embridge roll out ready to go U4BW Agresso eLearning courses

You just don’t hire someone without experience of U4BW Agresso and expect them to become Super Users overnight.

It takes training, a little more training and some hands-on experience.

That said, you do want your team up to speed super quick and able to work their way around the Business World interface pretty pronto, so how can you do this with a limited budget and lots of people to train?

Simple? – Yes, with our comprehensive training and U4BW Agresso eLearning services.

User capability is paramount when rolling out new functionality or upgrading.  Our eLearning team and expert UBW trainers have put their heads together to come up with a package that will help you keep morale high and efficiency and progress top priority.

Later this month we will be rolling out 10 new ready to go/use eLearning courses specifically for Milestone7 users of the Business World application.

We have aimed the courses towards self-service and end users.  Courses include:

  • An introduction to Unit4 Business World
  • Approve a timesheet or an expense
  • Update your personal details – address changes and bank details
  • Submit your timesheet or claim expenses
  • Requesting an absence

We also have courses available for experience pack users too, with many more being developed even as you are reading this blog post.

U4BW (Agresso) elearning

Included in these courses will be a quick reference card which can be downloaded and all courses are enabled to run on your organisations own Learning Management System (LMS), on your intranet or we can host the content for you.  Each course provides an opportunity for the user can have a go and practice the process steps in a safe environment before going live on your system.


What if you need a MS5 or MS6 course and need it to be organisational specific?

Our team can work with you to produce content specific to your own Business World environment and have already produced over 100 courses just like that for organisations such as Port of London Authority, BT, Universities and Public sector clients, who wanted their own bespoke learning.

Our U4BW Agresso Elearning is a great cost-effective way of reaching large groups of users, giving them the ability to train at their own pace at a time that suits your organisation.

And if eLearning doesn’t float your boat and you want the traditional classroom style offering, we can help with that too.  Our ex-Unit4 trainers are on hand to develop and deliver training specific to your organisation including report writing, new user, training on specific modules or processes and upgrade workshops.

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Email enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com if you would like to know more about our new eLearning packages.

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