Fast track design and build for Unit4 Business World customer

Shelter, the housing & homelessness charity, does an amazing job every year providing support and advice to families and individuals who are either at risk of losing their homes or need assistance in seeking out temporary accommodation or housing at a moments notice. Having a roof over our heads in something most of us take for granted.

Homelessness charity

Now entering their 50th year, Shelter has tirelessly campaigned and fought for better housing and fairer rent whilst striving to make homelessness a thing of the past. Providing advice and support 365 days a year means those most vulnerable, have somewhere to turn to when faced with being turned out onto the streets.

Behind every successful charity is a robust infrastructure and with this in mind, it is increasingly important that when procuring a new business system to support, maintain and improve efficiency, it is essential that the process is smooth, goes to plan and most importantly comes in within budget.

Fast track design and build for Unit4 Business World - Managed ERP

Using a tried and tested methodology, Embridge Consulting were able to deliver a fast track design and build service that alleviated some of the cost and headaches usually attributed to these large scale projects.

Having the core team involved from the beginning is a huge benefit, as not only has the relationship already been established with the in-house team during the build, now the Managed ERP team can continue it’s support and hit the ground running post live, having the advantage of already understanding the system inside out and back to front.

Emma O’Brien MD for Embridge Consulting, has taken a keen interest in the project and has been involved from the very start commented “We offer a very unique service in that the Managed ERP team supported the design and build stages and will go on to support the live solution, a truly seamless integration in terms of the systems team. The approach we have taken on this build follows our tried and tested methodology delivering a functionality rich ERP solution, opening up the Unit4 Business World solution to many organisations that would have otherwise felt the solution beyond their reach”.

Embridge Consulting - Emma Obrien

The Shelter implementation of Business World On! went live on time & within budget on 1st November 2016.  Whilst the project is now coming to a close, Embridge Consulting’s Managed ERP team will continue to support Shelter through our Managed ERP’s  outsourced application support service.  The Shelter team have the comfort of knowing they are in good hands and are surrounded by the experience they need that will ensure they continue to gain maximum value from the solution.

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