Just before Christmas the Embridge team gathered together in London for a day of team building followed in the evening by our now legendary Christmas bash!

“Team Building the Embridge way”

With our permanent team quadrupling over the past 12 months and spread over 2 locations, with some scattered in between, it was the perfect opportunity for us to all finally get together under one roof, check each other out and bond! We decided not to jump out of aeroplanes or pelt each other with paint ball in an attempt to connect, instead we decided to go much, much deeper – SDI – Strength Deployment Inventory!

Text book definition says, ‘The SDI is a powerful and effective tool for understanding and influencing the motives that drive behaviours. The SDI plays off people’s basic need to better understand themselves and others, and that understanding allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict.’

Our definition was somewhat more……..bemused?! IMG_0727

With this is mind, it was all a bit scary on the surface as we were required to complete an individual online survey prior to the actual team build day, which had us contemplate how we behaved in certain situations, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. It’s fair to say, it left some of us feeling exposed and others sceptical of the direction the day would take us, but we needn’t have worried because we had discovered a fantastic and unique facilitator to host our very first team build. For this exercise we chose a company called Chaseville, who describe themselves as being ‘different’ which fits perfectly with the Embridge profile, as that’s exactly how we see ourselves. They came highly recommended, and Sue Willcock who conducted the day was brilliant. Having researched Embridge thoroughly Sue had a good understanding of the business and a clear vision of our objectives for the day. Armed with our completed surveys and an infectious enthusiasm, it wasn’t long before she had us all on board and eating out of her hand!

The morning session started off in earnest, discussing the results of our individual surveys that we had submitted the week before. Using the SDI tools and model, our data had been analysed by Chaseville and recorded in highly individual reports for each delegate, detailing what motivates us to succeed and how we deal with conflict when challenged, identifiable by 3 colours. Blue, caring; green, analytical; red, entrepreneurial! No prizes for guessing who was RED, Emma! We were split into groups of similar personalities (colours) and soon forgot about feeling self-conscious as we immersed ourselves into understanding what made us and our colleagues, tick. It was a very egotistic but completely fascinating and enlightening to explore the reasons behind our own and each-others behaviour patterns and how best to respond should we ever fall out! With a variety of fun interactive exercises, coupled with a good sense of humour, we were soon debating, empathising, laughing and most importantly – bonding.

Having got the measure of each other during the morning, the afternoon session was used to focus on how we were to achieve our key team goal for Embridge over the next 12 months, the Embridge Vision Statement.

hmmmm, where next?

With our vision statement at the forefront, we were given 30 key words that needed to be arranged within a diamond shape, with the top half best representing Embridge and the bottom half being the least representative. With 12 opinions and 30 words, this made for an entertaining 40 minutes as we scrabbled about on the floor arranging and then rearranging (several times) the best order of words to embody the Embridge spirit. It was a brilliant way to illustrate the morning session as our individual motivators kicked in and consequently how we each, in turn, responded if we didn’t agree on a particular placement. Using the skills we had learnt from the morning and talking in colours, ultimately as a team we worked together to accomplish the task and collectively agreed on the order of our diamond without any fisty cuffs or black eyes! Right at the top was ‘Ambitious’ and skulking at the bottom and least like Embridge was ‘Reserved’!

From our beautifully appointed diamond, the primary drivers (the top 6 words making the tip of the diamond) illustrated perfectly what we each need to do in order to realise the Embridge vision statement, both collectively and as individuals over the coming months. As we stood together admiring our handy work in quiet contemplation, we felt like we had already made that first step. The overwhelming sense of cohesiveness within the group was almost tangible as we each described what the day had delivered on a personal level and left us in little doubt that we had exactly the right team to triumph in 2016.

With spirits high and the strap line ringing in our ears, we were soon wrapping up the day, heading across town, feeling very happy clappy to the Embridge Jingles Bells Bash for some festive celebrations!

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel - lets party!

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel – lets party!










This year’s event was to be held at The Renaissance St Pancras Hotel in London – a swanky 5* affair, all opulence and glamour! It was to be a fabulous night where employees and associates alike caught up on old news, exchanged work woes/highlights, quaffed fizz, gorged on fabulous food, tapped toes to the live band and were waited on hand and foot by the fantastic team that were looking after us. Usual suspects were left standing at the end, (just about) high on Christmas cheer and with the holidays a beckoning. Click here to check out the photos of the day/evening.

While we clearly have the A-Team fired up and ready to go for 2016, we are constantly looking to build on our knowledge and expertise because there is ALWAYS room for improvements! So if you feel like you have what it takes and think you can add value to our dynamic team, either as an associate or as a permanent member, then why not drop your CV into https://embridgeconsulting.com/contact-us/

With so much expertise, drive and passion crammed into our team of experts, why would you not check out our extensive and unique range of services to see if Embridge Consulting can assist you with your ERP business systems? Offering an end to end service delivered by enthusiastic and dedicated professionals that really care about their day job means you are only one click away from discovering how we can make a difference to your business – today! So what are you waiting for, CLICK!


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