The elearning industry is great, and one of the most important facets of creating brilliant elearning courses is ensuring that your courses have a consistent approach. Which makes it somewhat ironic that our industry has no set standard on how to spell eLearning. We decided to take a quick look at how different organisations spell this word in order to see if there was a common approach.


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eLearning is one of the three most common ways of spelling the word. We noticed that both the eLearning Guild and the eLearning Industry website use this form of the word. However, we have noticed inconsistencies in the eLearning Guild who do sometimes use the e-learning form. It certainly appears to us that eLearning is the most popular form of the word.


To hyphen or not to hyphen. That is the question. We’ve always felt that if you’re going to hyphenate this word, then the capitalisation of the E and the L should match – so E-Learning or e-learning, but not e-Learning. Your views may differ. This is a very popular way to spell elearning, and a quick Google will show lots of schools and colleges use this spelling, as well as authoring tool providers such as Articulate.

How we prefer to spell Elearning

Write e-learning
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e-learning: nope

So what we’ve learned is that not many companies choose the form of the word that we prefer: eLearning or Elearning. We used to write the word as e-learning, but we decided that this was at odds with the rest of our house style. Take email as an example. Email is to electronic mail as elearning is to electronic learning. We felt that we should adopt a consistent approach.

Since e-mail is a fairly dated way of writing the word email, and since we wouldn’t ever write eMail, we decided to standardise the way we write and spell eLearning or Elearning.

There is no right or wrong way to write or spell elearning. As long as we all produce brilliant elearning, that’s all that matters.

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