Having been fortunate enough to attend many Unit4 conferences over the years as a delegate, MD Emma O’Brien has had plenty of insight into what to expect at this very popular annual event.

Following the partnership between Embridge and Unit4 last summer where Embridge became the first UK & Ireland System Integrated partner to sign on the dotted line, we were subsequently delighted and privileged to be invited to sponsor the 2016 Unit4 Connect Conference as a first time sponsor alongside our peers, in the bustling city of Manchester.

With the management team being veterans of this event, we were now in a really advantageous position to understand how our presence as a sponsor could make a real difference from a customer perspective, having always attended previous years from the other side of the fence. With this in mind, Embridge got to thinking how we could make a real impact at this year’s event.

From a customer perspective, being hit with a sales pitch is predictable, uninspiring and a missed opportunity when it comes to opening up a dialogue with the people that use the U4BW solution. By using the downtime during scheduled U4 sessions productively, we felt that there was an opportunity to offer attendees extra value for money by actually showcasing our services through taster sessions, providing free consultancy advice slots and offering hands on E-Learning demos alongside our new Smart Solutions product on stand. We felt this new approach would inevitably bring a blast of fresh air to the sponsor hub and ultimately enhance the customer experience outside of the Unit4 timetabled sessions.

With an impressive stand and space to work within, and a mahousive team (8 of us!), we kicked off the 2 day event with excited anticipation. As the coffee and lunch breaks came and went, our stand was kept super busy over the entirety of the event with genuine interest being levelled at our 5 minute taster sessions covering service and product demos, including upgrades, healthcheck and systems optimisation, smart solutions and managed ERP in one half of the stand.

Meanwhile in the other half, we were generating plenty of curiosity with our hands free coffee maker party trick! Guests were invited to fill in a U4BW form screen on a desktop at one end of a table which then triggered an espresso machine to pour a coffee at the other end, once the form was completed!

Watching scepticism turn to gasps of delight and disbelief was a very special moment for the team, illustrating perfectly not only the fun side of Embridge but more importantly the real power and vision of the innovative capabilities we are able to produce in house through our Smart Solutions team.

With so much interest being generated by the taster sessions, alongside a fabulous give away goody bag, a fantastic Red Letters day boutique escape for 2 prize draw, a place to rest weary feet on our comfy sofa, AND free Krispy Crème doughnuts plus an injection of caffeine to give a much needed sugar boost in between the U4 demos and the ‘morning after’ gala dinner event; our stand was proving to be a really popular, useful and fun, pit stop for existing and new U4 customers, the other partners and U4 themselves.

Creating the opportunity to interact directly with clients and users via the taster sessions and 1-1 consultancy slots, to better understand what THEY hoped to gain from the conference and ultimately the U4 products was invaluable to us.

What quickly became apparent was the gap in the market for ongoing system support and pre-configured smart solutions and as such, our Managed ERP and Smart Solutions taster sessions, services unique to Embridge, demonstrated real solutions to real problems at cost effective prices and in particular, generated much interest with our audiences whilst emphasising the demand for such solutions.

With U4 showcasing how the product is developing, with the introduction of Business World On! (U4BW MS6) and the virtual PA that is Wanda (super cool and impressive!) the Embridge team were keen to spread out and tap into all that was on offer at the conference over the 2 days, attending many of the scheduled U4 sessions to ensure that we are best positioned to pass on to our clients everything we learned and to take on board all that is new and exciting when it comes to developing and updating our own services to accommodate the ever evolving U4BW!


We would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who found the time to come and visit us on stand, (and there were over 200 of you!) and for making our first sponsorship event such a positive and enjoyable experience. It was fantastic to welcome and catch up with familiar faces and a real treat to be able to share our enthusiasm, passion and the Embridge vision with all the new faces.

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the conference as much as we did, and that you benefitted from the U4 sessions as well as your time spent with us.  We will be announcing the winner of our free prize offering A boutique escape for 2 with dinner and we will be following up with each and every one of you that came to stand over the coming days.

If you didn’t get a chance to come and see us, or would like to follow up on anything that caught your eye but you were too shy to approach, then why not drop us an email on enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com  and we will be in touch directly to help you out.

Don’t sit there wondering! Ask the question, let us find the solution and together we will get your U4BW working in a way you never thought possible.