The Gcon4 MFL solution is not just about data migration.  The tool has grown into a solution that goes beyond it’s original origins and is now available on a SAAS (Software as a Service) arrangement.

So with Version 4.0 released earlier this year, we take a look at what is new…

1. Ability to migrate and update transactional data (GL, AP, AR)
2. Ability to associate Document Archives to transactions
3. Ability to upload exchange rates
4. Ability to use GCON4 MFL as a tool of integration between a third party software and Business World


Starting from as little as £270/month on the flexible SAAS plan, Gcon4 MFL is now even more affordable

Modules are available individually or as a premium package, with subscriptions available of 1 – 12 month packages on SAAS or available as outright purchase with an annual maintenance agreement.

Here are a few scenarios of just how useful the Gcon4 MFL tool is to your department and to your users, reducing migration times significantly, cutting implementation costs and reducing time spent on maintenance and updates.

If you would like a demonstration of the Gcon4 solution please get in touch –

Embridge Consulting are sole UK distributors for the Gcon4 MFL solution.

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